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Spending Holy Week in Boracay Island Resort

For many Roman Catholics, the Holy Week marks the end of the season of Lent wherein people sacrifice, fast, and abstain to commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross. And with the modernity of the time, people no longer stay at home to do this but go out and explore other places where they can both observe the Holy Week and relax and enjoy at the same time. And among the best places to go to for the Holy Week is 7Stones Boracay Beach Resort


BORACAY has been consistently named as the top tourist destination in the world by many travel magazines and travel organizations especially for the many hotels and resorts that it has. It also has a wide stretch of white sand beach which is a favorite among many locals and tourists alike. Many choose to stay at a Boracay island hotel, where they can easily access the best the island has to offer.

If you will be visiting a Boracay beach resort during Holy Week, expect that there will be a lot of local and foreign tourists. In the Philippines alone, this is a haven for many celebrities and political figures. Though some people observe silence during their stay in observance of the Holy Week, there are still many more who like to enjoy and make the most out of their stay.


Here are SOME Things that you Can Do During the Holy Week in Boracay:

1.   Enjoy party events especially that this is the place and time when huge companies based in Manila will launch products or sponsor parties. If you are the party-going type, then the night life of Boracay will definitely give you a good time.

2.   You can watch and join in the procession led by the church since the Holy Week is centered on church activities. The procession includes a parade of the different images or statues that reflect the passion of Christ. This is a new experience especially for foreign tourists but everyone is invited to participate.

3.   Since it is a time for silence and slowing down for reflection, Greenpeace, the Boracay Foundation, and the Boracay Yuppies are inviting everyone to also slow down and help in terms of these three aspects:

  • Refusing to use plastics, straws, and other non-biodegradable materials,
  • Walking more to reduce air pollution and to be able to appreciate the natural beach life
  • You can also sit back and relax on the beach so you can reflect on your own life. This is the time to look back and think about how you have spent your life and what changes are needed to be done to live and become a better person.

Since Holy Week is going to be a busy time for Boracay, you are encouraged to book your Boracay Island Hotel ahead of time to avoid the last minute rush and avoid disappointment of your preferred hotel being booked out.

Choose 7Stones Boracay which is located in the peaceful haven of Bulabog Beach. Here, you will experience tranquility and peace. The accommodation are varied which all provide you a sense of luxury, security, and privacy. The staff is ready to assist you and is always available at your beck and call, making your Boracay experience a memorable one. Come to Boracay and stay at 7Stones Boracay.


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