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Christmas is a pretty big deal in the Philippines. Filipinos are notorious for going overboard with the Christmas festivities as soon as September rolls in: every speaker in the country is blasting loud Christmas hits, every house is awash with bright Christmas lights, and shopping malls are filled to the brim with excited shoppers picking up great deals for their families.

Boracay is no exception to this rule, and Christmas here is just as insane anywhere else in the country – except it’s better.

1. All the halls are decked!

During the season, the whole island is lost in a flurry of bright lights, clumps of tinsel, forests of garlands, and, of course, Christmas songs. You won’t see a single bare establishment that hasn’t tried to one-up the others with their Christmas decorations, all in the spirit of celebrating the world’s most popular holiday. Even the beach takes on a festive feel, as even the palm trees are wrapped with lights to make them shine. It’s truly a feast for your eyes!

2. A Christmas feast for days!

boracay christmas

What’s a Christmas celebration without a feast to match it? Every restaurant in Boracay offers travelers good rates on Christmas season, to the point where you can feed a party of 10 for less than $50! And it’s not shoddy quality food either, you’ll be sinking your teeth into the finest creations of the best chefs in the island. 7th Note Café, for example, offers a Christmas buffet for the whole family at a price you wouldn’t believe.

3. Forget reindeers, take to the seas!

Who needs a sleigh ride when you can deliver your gifts by paraw or ATV? The insane amount of water activities in the island would put any red-nosed reindeer to shame with sheer awesomeness. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you should leave your love for adrenaline behind! Just ask 7Stones Boracay’ wonderful staff about any of the available water activities in the island, and they’ll be happy to send you off, preferably with a poofy Santa hat to go with it.

4. Feel the love!

boracay christmas

Filipinos are a loving, vibrant people, and it truly shines during Christmas. Everyone in the island is all smiles, from the shopkeepers, to the island kids, to even your fellow tourists – it’s hard not to feel the holiday cheer when you’re surrounded by such happy people. Christmas changes Boracay from a happy, chaotic place to an island filled with love for its fellow people. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never want for love in this island!

5. Enjoy it in your home away from home!

boracay christmas

Christmas is meant to be spent with those closest to your heart. There’s no better place to enjoy Christmas than in a place you can call your home. 7Stones Boracay wants to be that place for you. Cozy suites serviced 24/7 by our diligent staff, amenities that are geared towards making your stay as pleasurable as possible, and a beach so beautiful that your Christmas Instagram posts will be the envy of all your followers; it’s a place you can truly call home, and one worthy of your Christmas vacation.

Boracay isn’t called the best island the world just because of the sand and the surf – it’s the little things, like how we celebrate Christmas, how we spread the love, and how we enjoy the island that make it what it is. And it’s time for you to make plans to spend the best holiday in the world here! Book a suite now at 7Stones Boracay for a truly merry Christmas!