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Experience Boracay Like a True Blue Local

For its unique charm, many foreigners have found a home in Boracay. No wonder you’ll somehow find a foreigner who knows the island so much. If you’re just on a quick vacation but still wants to feel how to live like a true Boracay local, here are some things you should consider.

Stroll along the beach

experience boracay

Leave your heels in the city but never forget to bring your flip flops. It’s a major no-no to wear heels especially if you plan to party at night. If you don’t wanna get stuck in the traffic on the highway, stroll along the beach to reach your destination. Catch the sunrise along Bulabog Beach in the morning and don’t miss the golden sunset at the White Beach. By walking, you also get to discover more interesting places and attractions in the island.

Choose public transport

experience boracay

Photo by Tojo Motors

If jeepney is the kind of the road in Manila streets, here, tricycles dominate the street. The moment you reach the port in the island, you’ll be greeted by tricycle drivers for a ride. Aside from the diesel-powered trikes, the island probably also have the most number of electric-tricycles (e-trike) in the region. Regular fare within the main areas of the island is just PhP10. You can also charter rides for a minimum of PhP60.

Shop at Talipapa

One good thing about the island’s tourism industry is that you get everything you need. While there are a number of bigger grocery stores in the island, experience buying some stuff in talipapa or small market. The most famous in the island and probably the most organized is D’Talipapa wherein Paluto services are offered. You can buy fruits, vegetables, and even souvenirs to take home. Yet the most famous among locals is the Talipapa Bukid. It is actually the main market of the island and most goods are cheaper here. Talipapa is just actually everywhere so you’ll definitely find one when you need to buy something.

Eat where the locals eat

While there are numerous restaurants you can try on the island, eating where the locals eat is actually an experience you should consider. Some restaurants have withstood the test of time and development and have remained a go-to place for locals, and even becomes an attraction. Check places like Smoke Resto for their Bulalo, Kolai Mangyan which serves the famous Budbod, Tod’s for their hot soups and Jasper’s for their Pansit served on bilao or a food tray made of native product. You can try all these places without hurting your wallet. You’ll just have to prepare your tummy for a fest.

Skip your diet

Okay, another for food because Boracay locals surely love to eat. Forget about dieting. Don’t skip the rice. When your staple food is bread, rice is still best paired with most Filipino dishes. Choose the freshest catch at D’ Talipapa and have it cooked the way you want it. In less than an hour, you can then feast on seafood and all the savory dishes on the table.

experience boracay

Party like a local

experience boracay

Well, booze and music must be part of Boracay’s culture. Thus, having a night-out should always be part of someone’s itinerary. Though booze is way cheaper in the Philippines, you’ll still get discounts during happy hour. Happy hour is not just actually an hour. Sometimes it could last for the whole night. Grab a local beer or a signature mix of the bar you’re visiting; then when the clock strikes at 12, release your inner diva and takeover the dance floor. After all, what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay.

Be responsible

Like locals, take environmental issues seriously. Be responsible with your trashes and follow the rules of the island. Remember that bringing home the white sands of Boracay is prohibited, smoking and littering on the beach is also not allowed. Just recently, the local government also banned the use of plastic in the island. So bring your own bag when shopping for your souvenirs.

You don’t have to be born in Boracay to show your love. Like a local, treat Boracay as your own home even just for a few days. Appreciate its beauty. Indulge in its grandeur. Enjoy every moment of your stay.