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5 Kid-Friendly Activities in Boracay

Boracay is known for its vibrant night life and romantic sceneries; however, the island is also a great destination for families who want to have some bonding time together. There are myriads of activities for people of all ages to enjoy – even kids. Aside from making castles on the powdery white sand and frolicking in the clear waters, the island of Boracay has a lot more to offer. Here are just some of the kid-friendly activities the whole family would enjoy:

 Island Hopping

island hopping

The sandy beaches of Boracay may be a little too crowded for kids to enjoy during peak season. The perfect solution would be to hire a boat that would take the entire family to the surrounding islands which are quieter and more secluded. The boats are equipped with life vests both for kids and adults, so safety won’t be too much of a concern while on the water.

Glass-Bottom Boat Rides

glass boat

Families with younger children would definitely enjoy a ride on a boat with a see-through glass bottom. This way, everyone can see what’s happening under the clear waters without getting themselves soaked. Swimming and snorkeling while out in the water is also part of the package, so if the older ones want to take a closer look at the beautiful marine life, they can do so before heading back to shore.

Banana Boat Rides

banana boat rides

Banana boats are inflatable tubes that are pulled by speed boats. It could be an exhilarating ride for teenagers and adventure seekers; however, families with kids aged 3 years old and up can also enjoy this ride without having to worry about speed and bumps. All they have to do is to let the operator know that there will be children on board and they will maintain a safe pace. Life vests are also provided as a safety precaution.



Families with older kids can have fun in the skies just as much as they would enjoyed the pristine waters of Boracay. Younger kids (at least 3 years old) are allowed to join the ride as long as they have an adult companion with them. There’s no need to worry if the kids get a bit too scared once they’re up in the air. The operators teach their passengers hand signals to let them know if they want to go lower or end the ride before it is supposed to.

Swimming Pools

swimming pool

If the beaches get too crowded, kids can have fun swimming in the pool while their parents relax on lounge chairs that surround it. Many hotels in Boracay have swimming pools on their list of amenities. Yes, even some of the beachfront hotels have them. This is the perfect alternative to swimming out in the sea where there are a lot of people as only the guests of the hotels are allowed to swim in their pools.

Boracay has so much to offer in terms of activities for people of any age. Just ask the tour operators or the locals about other great family-friendly activities they have in store for their guests.



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