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Healthy-Minded Travel: When Travel and Wellness Intertwine

healthy travel guide

When our world is bombarded with so many negativities, travel is one grand escape we can make. Travel allows us to detach from the chaotic environment we live in and enable us to reconnect with ourselves. And while we all travel for a number of different reasons, there’s one common denominator to it – for us to feel good inside and out. Thus, travel and wellness is something that can easily be combined.
This must be the reason why wellness travel is becoming the fastest growing travel trend nowadays. It is the kind of travel where physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of the traveler become the forefront of the trip. It is fueling the adventurous soul inside while not forgetting to nourish the body and the mind.
Wellness travel started to grow and develop over a decade ago. One proof to it is the presence of spa and wellness centers in tourist destinations, and even in smaller communities. And just like the past years, travel wellness is still forecasted to grow in the coming years.

Wellness travel trend

Travel wellness first revolved around stress-reducing spa, and on yoga and meditation. Its first wave first embarked on activities that promote stillness and tranquility; activities that allow travelers to be at peace with his or her being. Going to a spa and wellness centers while on vacation has also become a must for majority of travelers. Who would not want a good massage and some pampering after all?

The growing importance of “wellness” in traveling thus underscored the need for wellness amenities, services and activities for tourism destinations, particularly in hotels and resorts. The kind of wellness amenities, social fitness services, and spaces specifically designed and designated for relaxation thus affects the traveler’s decision when choosing a destination.

Aside from spa, wellness also includes healthy food options. Food promotes wellness. So eating healthy like organic produce and local cuisines is also the highlight on this kind of travel.

Moreover, while this trend may not go away sooner or later, as spas and wellness centers continue to sprout, travel wellness is also likely to stay. As it further develops, new trends are also born along the way.

Nowadays, wellness travel has evolved from being just a quiet retreat to trips paired with adrenaline–induced activities. More travelers choose trips that require more physical work. Among the fastest-growing trends in wellness travel now is surfing, or stand-up paddle boarding for the less confident in the water. A joyous surf workout or just a calming activity is an instant retreat for people that live far from the beach.

Aside from this, wellness festival which combines the magic of music and nature is also starting to spread. But one thing that is consistent in the present and the future is that the beach will always be a perfect wellness destination.

Because when you want to embark on a trip that focuses on your personal health and wellness, skipping the big and bustling city is a must. While there is no right or wrong place for your own wellness, but certain places, like a tropical island do tend to work better. And what better alternative you can think of than a beach?

Boracay as wellness destination

healthy travel guide

Well, with its reputation as a party place, many might think Boracay is not the place to be for some healthy-minded travel. But it’s just a big misconception for this tropical paradise which remains to be a favorite wellness destination.

In fact, the island is teeming with places where you can relax, enjoy nature, and experience at least some peace and quiet. Yes, you read it right. The island is a perfect balance for your active vacation and some rest and relaxation afterwards.

If you needed more specific reasons why Boracay should be you next wellness destination, here are some:

Boracay is a spa haven; in fact, you can even have a massage at the beach. You can actually book a massage at your own room or at the in-house spa of your hotel. The island also has hundreds of restaurants with some specializing on healthy eating options. One of which is 7Stones Boracay Suites’ very own 7th Note Café which serves gulten-free food.

With a number of beaches to choose from, you’ll never miss a chance to relax while lazing at the beach. You can reduce your stress while lying on the powdery-white sand of the White Beach.Go kiteboarding or just watch the sporty ones at Bulabog Beach.Take a visit to Puka and Ilig-Iligan with both incomparable beaches and views as well.

Trying any of water sports activities while on your Boracay vacation is also one definite way to de-stress. Go on an island-hopping activity, jump off a cliff, witness the sunset while on a paraw or ride a banana boat, there’s just too many reasons why Boracay Island is a wellness destination.

And lastly, with its unique island vibe, meet locals and other travelers to share the joy of travel and the goodness it brings to your wellbeing.