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10 Coolest Souvenirs That You Can Buy in Boracay

Let’s face it, even though it’s “touristy” and never “off the beaten path,” we can’t help but pick ourselves out some souvenirs to remember a memorable trip by. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This island likes to cater in as many pleasures as possible—even shopping!

What’s fun about shopping in the Philippines is, not only do you get cool, well-made island stuff at very, very low prices, you can also haggle to get them for even lower! So bring your best poker faces and special bargaining totes, because here are just a few things for you to pick up on your next trip out to 7 Stones Boracay Suites!

1. T-Shirts

Oh, you know you want an I <3 Boracay shirt with your name on it! Locals have had to start getting creative with their designs, because you can only wear the same Boracay shirt so many times. A quick trip around D’ Talipapa Market can net you at least 5 new t-shirts, guaranteed. And no, these ones you’ll actually wear more than once, and outside of your own bedroom, as well.

2. Dried Mangoes

Filipinos have sweets all figured out. One of the sweetest treats from this cuisine is not only incredibly simple, and less sinful than a chocolate bar. Pick up a pack – or fifty, we guarantee you’ll want more than that – of dried mangoes, one of the Philippines’ yummiest exports. Made from the choicest, export quality mangoes of the region, these babies are sure to delight.

3. Sand Bottle Key Chains

They say Boracay sand is one of the whitest and finest in the world; that’s why it’s popular! Take a piece of it everywhere you go with these super-cute sand bottle key chains. You can also have it tied with a length of twine around your neck for that perfect island girl feel!

4. Puka Shells

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, puka shells are awesome. Boracay has a lot of sources of some of the world’s shiniest puka shells; very rarely do you see Boracay craftsmen putting lacquer on their puka shells for the color and shine. Get a few necklace + bracelet combos for the bros back home!

5. Barrel Man

A no-brainer—this rather funny “stick figure” features a man in a removable barrel. Upon taking the barrel off, the Barrel Man starts flaunting it because he’s got it. It makes a perfectly immature gift to perfectly mature people, and would make a great addition to any office desk. Get a couple for the boss!

6. Bags

Made from materials sourced from local farmers and made by the finest local artisans, these bags lend a cool, native look to any outfit. Pick out from a wide selection of woven tribal cloths turned into nifty knapsacks or handbags, and go home with a fresh, island-inspired look!

7. Dresses

Sun dresses, frocks, pajama dresses… girls are in for a treat with a wide selection of cool designs for these – ranging from the loud, to the subtly pretty. Check out Malay-inspired prints, prints bursting with flowers, and even tribal patterns on dresses and go home with a bright new look. Stand out from the crowd!

8. Capiz products

Made from real windowpane oyster shells, the capiz has been a prominent fixture in many Filipino crafts. Check out picture frames, chimes, lamps, or even window covers at real cheap prices. You won’t find a lot of these stateside!

9. Seafood

Well, not exactly souvenirs, but the experience in itself is an emotional souvenir you can take home. In D’ Talipapa Market, you can not only get bargain prices on your souvenirs, you can also buy freshly-caught seafood – fresh fish, fresh shellfish, lobsters, crabs, and so many more goodies – and have them cooked in the many dampa restaurants in the area. Just pick, pay, and sit down for one of the most amazing seafood meals you’ll ever have!

10. Pictures

Now, this isn’t exactly something you’d buy, but what better souvenir than a collection of memories captured on film (or, uploaded on Instagram?) Boracay has no shortage of picturesque sights, especially here in 7Stones Boracay—everything we have here can feed your #FeedGoals! Sometimes, the best souvenirs are once seen through the lens.

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