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Spend a Romantic Valentine’s Day in Boracay Island

VALENTINE’S DAY comes every year and the usual things that couples, friends, or even families do together are the same, common, and even predictable already. This year, the year of the snake according to the Chinese zodiac, why not make it unique, more special and adventuresome?

If you are looking for something more interesting to do and a place more interesting to celebrate this heart’s day, consider going to a Boracay Beach Resort.

boracay valentines

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BORACAY is not new to people who have already heard about the breathtaking beauty of this beautiful island in the Philippines. And since it is an island that has white sand beaches, you can expect to have a different and a more unique hearts day celebration.


Here are Some Things that You Can Do while on the Island on Valentine’s Day.


1.    Check into a  Boracay  Hotel and Resorts  like 7 Stones Boracay

It is a very luxurious yet homey resort located in the Bulabog beach. You will surely be assisted by its friendly staff who will make sure that your stay and your Valentine’s Day will be full of color and love. You can choose from any of its room accommodation and get the best value for your money.

2.    Get your Most Wanted Tan Lines on the shores of a Boracay Beach Resort

The Philippines, being a tropical country, has the best sun coverage. You are surely going to get the tan lines that your friends are definitely going to envy. So lie on the sand together, sip a cold glass of fresh fruit juice and bond your way to love. Don’t forget to take with your sunblock lotion and some cooling gel to avoid getting sunburned. Also, don’t stay too long under the sun.

3.    Try the Aquatic Activities Together

This is not only sweet but also interesting. There are different activities like parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, as well as sea walking. You can hold hands together and parasail. Hold on to each other for support too. You can find these activities from your Boracay resort or from any Boracay island hotel.

4.    Go Shopping at the Talipapa or Sidewalk Souvenir Shops

The catch is you are going to do so in just your bikinis or trunks. That is a normal thing here because you would just have come from a dip in the beach. Get a gift for each other without letting the other know about it.

5.    You can also Bond if you Get your Hairs Braided into Cornrows

This is a very unique hairstyle that you can wear for about 2 days. Your guy may opt to have a henna tattoo if his hair is too short for a braid.

6.    Have an Intimate and Candlelit Dinner

Dinner on the night of Valentine’s Day is among the highlights of this celebration. So treat your love one to a special dinner for just the two of you and set a floral arrangement on the side. She will surely love it. You can do this inside your Boracay island hotel with the help of your hotel staff or do it at any chic restaurant.

7.    Sip Wine by the Shore after your Dinner

To cap your night, you can take a bottle of special wine and then sit on the shore, close to the water, and have a sweet talk about your relationship and future together.

The beach can be a perfect venue for a Valentine’s Day celebration. Book now a room at 7Stones Boracay and avoid the rush.


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