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Scout PH: Finding the Perfect Place for a Digital Detox

Today’s generation is engrossed in technology so much that the latter has become a part of their lives, which they cannot seem to extricate themselves from. Look at the people around you and you will see people with multiple gadgets attached to them. From tablets to iPhones, to laptops plugged into power outlets and even digital watches, each person that you meet is a millennial in all senses of the word: modern, techie, and a gadget junkie.

However, these gadgets and apps may be detrimental to your relationships and could hamper your work. With social media alone, you can be distracted away from a conversation with a friend. You can also get stressed with the number of notifications and emails that you receive in your inbox every day. When the benefits of technology become too much for you to handle, you need to undergo a digital detox.

Digital detox enables you to spend a weekend or some time off from your gadgets. You can unwind and relax in an environment where there are no appliances. Hence, it’s like going back to your roots, when all people had were themselves and nature. Nature is a great healer, and you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated with lush greeneries, while enjoying your “me time” without Facebook, Twitter, and a pile of text messages.

In the Philippines, there are top five places where you can undergo digital detox. The country is one of the best destinations to choose whenever tourists want to have an exotic place to relax in. The beautiful places that made it to this list are the following:

1. 7Stones Boracay Suites, Boracay

7stones boracay

image source: r-ec.bstatic.com

An exciting and secluded spot in Boracay, 7Stones Boracay Suites will excite your senses, in a good way. This is the perfect place for workaholics who want to take a break from all those gadgets and work. With thrilling water sports, soothing massages, and soul food overflowing, you will enjoy your vacation in Boracay and feel refreshed at the end of your getaway.

2. The Farm at San Benito, Lipa City, Batangas

the farm benito

image source: guestofaguest.com

Just a three-hour drive from Manila, the venue is a real treat for any tired traveler or tourist. You can opt to have detox and cleansing, where you will also learn meditative breathing techniques and stress management from their resident health and lifestyle coaches. There are yoga sessions, too. Should you become hungry, you can have a feast of vegan food. The Farm provides real cleansing from the inside and out.

3. El Nido Resort, Palawan

el nido palawan

image source: lakwatseradeprimera.com

Less crowded than Boracay, Palawan is the next tropical paradise in your list. The villas are full of tranquil vibe as you take in all the stone and wood, and the overlooking scenery. Calm your weary senses with the view of the ocean or the verdant hills.

4. Batanes


image source: aphs.worldnomads.com

What could be more relaxing and refreshing than the chilly province of Batanes, a less than two-hour flight from Manila. Situated in the north, the Batanes group of islands prides in their rolling hills and wooden structures that choose to stay traditional (think of stone houses and straw roofs). A weekend with the Ivatan locals will surely take your mind off your troubles at home.

5. Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Enjoy the white sand up north while basking in tales of history from the locals in Laoag. There is no nightlife, too, so you can relax and feel the calm of the evening. The picturesque beach and historical landmarks will take you across time and space sans your smartphones. It is not only a digital detox but also a time to learn more of the place’s cultural heritage.