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Maximizing Local Talent for Your Boracay Beach Wedding

Most everyone dreams of a beach wedding. Reciting your vows to each other while the soft, salty sea breeze making the bride’s veil dance, the sound of the surf gently lapping at the beach, the delightful feeling of sand between your toes, or a night wedding, the “I do’s” exchanged over a crackling beach bonfire.

These memories and more are what make having a beach wedding a very special moment in a couple’s life. On this memorable day, you know you have to pull out all stops and get the best people to make your wedding day special, because you only have one shot at this!

Thankfully, Boracay is home to quite a few wedding planners and suppliers to make sure that you say your vows in the most beautiful and hassle-free way possible.

  1. Not Just A Box Events

Aiza de Leon’s team has been a solid fixture in Boracay’s shores. Handling quite a few foreign and high society locals’ weddings right here in the island, she prides herself in knowing what you want and how to get it. Visit them at http://notjustaboxevents.com/ today!

  1. Ronald Soncio Events

Ronald’s team has been lauded by his clients profusely, and with good reason. Specializing in tranquil and intimate beach weddings, Ronald and his team is a sure bet for a warm and cozy feel for your wedding. Check him out at http://www.ronaldsoncioevents.com/ now!

  1. Boracay Weddings by Amanda Tirol

When you’re in the best island in the world, you’d want the best planners for your beach wedding, too. Amanda and her team has a track record beginning in 2003, focusing on making the island the prime destination for beach-loving couples. From start to finish, their personalized and curated approach to designing your wedding will set you up for the greatest day of your life. Visit http://www.boracayweddings.org/ for more details about them!

These are just some of the very best wedding planners Boracay has in store, and there are tons more who are just as good.

The colors, sights, and sounds of this island is only as good as you make it to be, and your wedding is no different. Whoever you choose, remember that this event will be for you! And, of course, we’d like you to be as comfortable as you can in Boracay, so don’t forget to book suites with 7Stones Boracay, where you can enjoy a luxurious, hassle-free stay with the hospitality Filipinos are known for. See you soon!