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Island Hopping in Boracay: 5 Must-Visit Islands when Travelling to Boracay

Going to Boracay is an adventure in itself.  The main island offers a chockfull of activities you and your companions can enjoy.  Plus, the sugary white sand, warm blue waters, and the magnificent sunsets are a treat to the senses.  But your Boracay escapade is never complete without an island hopping trip.  The neighboring islands are home to unspoiled beaches and an underwater paradise of vibrant and colorful marine life.

Whether you’re planning a group island hopping tour, or a more private one, these 5 islands should be in your itinerary:

Crystal Cove Island

cystal cove boracay

Photo courtesy of http://www.takethetravel.com/

Formerly known as Tiguatian Island, this 2-hectare jewel 10-20 minutes away from Boracay is a trekker’s paradise.  The island is known for its breathtaking rock formations, lush vegetation, caves, and a beautiful sandy beach.

Crocodile Island

crocodile island

Photo courtesy of http://www.beachresortphilippines.net/

Don’t be fooled by its terrifying moniker.  There are no crocodiles in Crocodile Island.  The island derived its name from its shape, which resembles a crocodile’s head from a distance.  The waters surrounding Crocodile Island is lush with vibrant sealife – from colorful corals to rare types of fish.

TIP:  Some packaged tours include free use of snorkel gears.  Just ask the tour company in advance.

Puka Beach


Photo courtesy of http://paige-anne-carter.com/

Escape from the hustle and bustle of White Beach and head out to Puka Beach.  Located at the northern end of Boracay, this 800-meter stretch of barefoot-friendly white sand beaches is lined with colorful and rare puka shells (hence the island’s name).  While the sand may not be as fine and as white as that of White Beach, Puka Beach makes up for it with crystalline waters that kiss the shoreline.

TIP:  If you’re planning on staying in Puka Beach for a day, pack some grub and drinks.  Unlike White Beach, you won’t find many establishments and services on the island where you can buy your lunch.

Hinugtan Beach

Photo courtesy of Jowel Salibio

A 45-minute boatride away from Boracay is another secluded haven offering a reprieve from the crowds of White Beach.  Hinugtan Beach is a private beach located in Buruanga Aklan, where you can enjoy a quiet picnic with friends and family.  The surrounding water is teaming with marine life too, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Ariel’s Point

Ariels Point

Photo courtesy of https://www.myboracayguide.com/

If you have an appetite for adrenaline pumping adventure, Ariel’s Point is the place to be.  Located in the fishing town of Buruaga, Ariel’s Point offers you a chance to conquer your fear of heights through 5 levels of cliff diving.  In addition, this tropical paradise also offers other eco-adventure activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and trekking.

TIP:  For your convenience, leave behind valuables such as jewelry, passport, and electronics as the waters around Ariel’s Point are deep.  It may be difficult to retrieve them once they fall into the sea.

There are many other beaches in Boracay and its neighboring islands that are waiting to be discovered.  So book a flight to Boracay now and experience an adventure you’ll never forget.