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How to Choose Your Boracay Honeymoon Hotel

Honeymoons are always special, wonderful affairs. It’s when a couple, giddy with the afterglow of their wedding, come to a private, secluded spot that they can call their own to consummate their marriage and take the time to relax after the rigors of planning a huge wedding.

Boracay is a great destination for honeymoons. Filled to the brim with exciting activities, sights, cuisine and people, Boracay is a prime destination for tourists and honeymooners alike. Of course, when you’re on your honeymoon, skimping on accommodations is probably the last thing you’ll ever think of. Just think: would you let your significant other stay at a hostel on your honeymoon night? Here’s a quick guide from 7Stones Boracay on how to choose the perfect Boracay honeymoon hotel.

1. Great Rooms

guest rooms

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your room, so it’s always a good bet to get the best room – or suite – possible.

On our end, our Deluxe Suite is the best choice for you honeymooners. In it, you get a wonderful view of the sea, as well as other awesome amenities: a deluxe, king-sized bed, an en-suite bathroom and Jacuzzi, a large lounge, a dining area, and a fully-equipped kitchen for you and your beau to play house in!

2. Excellent Amenities

front office

If you’re gonna choose a hotel, you have to make sure that there’s more to it than just the rooms. You also have to look for awesome amenities you can do on the side too!

Here at 7Stones Boracay, we make sure you’re pampered, from head to toe. We have security personnel roving around 24/7 for your safety, a 24-hour concierge to cater to your needs (room service is not 24/7). We come to your room every day to fix it up, no need to lift a finger.

Need a pool? We have one; and a Jacuzzi, too! WiFi? Your signal bar won’t go down past full here, even when you’re on the beach. Feeling a bit tired from running around all day? Call our concierge for an in-room massage! And you won’t need to worry about your health here, as we have a doctor and nurse on-call, 24 hours a day!

3. Yummy Food

Food is an important part of honeymoons, of course. For a week-long (or month-long) celebration of loving and living, indulging in the finest gourmet treats is a no-brainer. Why deprive yourself of the better things in life?

Besides being known for being TripAdvisors’ favourite Boracay hotel, we also house in our walls 7th Note Cafe, one of Boracay’s best restaurants. Enjoy succulent food paired with the best wines on the island. We’re particularly happy about our Steak & Burgundy Nights, done every Friday and Saturday, where we show off our prime aged steaks, cooked to your standards of perfection and served with generous portions of your choice of side. Oh, and you can have it delivered to your room, if that’s your thing!

4. Excellent Service

excellent service

It’s your honeymoon; you deserve to be treated like royalty. And that’s exactly how our staff sees you! No request too big or too small, we’re ready to move at your behest. Want an extra sunbed on your balcony? No worries, we’re on our way. Want to enjoy your dinner by candlelight, and near the shore? We’ve already set up the table for you. Want a bonfire for you and your significant other tonight? Sure, the wood’s ready!

Whatever you need, here at 7Stones Boracay, you’ll get. If you want to be truly relaxed on your honeymoon, look no further than us: we’re happy to host you.