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Fun Activities to Do in Boracay this Summer

When thinking about having a great summer getaway, visiting a Boracay Beach Resort is always a worthy candidate.

Over the years, BORACAY has climbed to the top of the list of the best beaches in the world, making this small island in the western Philippines a must-visit for both local and foreign tourists. In fact, Travel+Leisure and other travel magazines note that the spectacular views, activities, white sands, and hotel accommodation in Boracay are among the features that endear this paradise to travellers.

The best thing about BORACAY PARADISE is the sundry activities that it offers aside from just swimming and tanning. To make you bubble with excitement about your upcoming vacation, Here is a List of the other Fun Things you can do in the Renowned Beach Escape:

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image source: beeconomic.com.ph

1.    Sunset watching. With its 5 kilometres of sprawling shore, the Boracay beach resort lets you bask in the sand and swim in the crystal-clear waters. But if your taste is a melodramatic moment with yourself or a loved one, the beach area is also perfect for watching the sun set. Just recline your beach chair and wait for the orange sun to bide the start of the Boracay nightlife.

2.   Parasailing. Parasailing can be enjoyed by a group for only P1,500 per head; the bigger the group, the more the individual price gets cheaper. If you are a kite flyer and have always wondered how it feels like to be up there, then this activity will give you that feeling plus a fantastic top view of the beach.

3.    Helmet diving/reef walking. An underwater experience without the heavy scuba-diving gear is the treat you will get with helmet diving and reef walking. The underwater helmet lets you breathe while you walk the ocean floor and be up close and personal with the sea animals. For only P300 per person, this certainly is worth a try.

4.     Fly Fish. This activity gives you more of an adrenaline rush than the commonplace banana boat ride. Get on a boat and be towed by a jet ski on full throttle. The challenge is, you have to hang on for all you are worth—or you can just let go and find yourself thrown off board. This is not for the faint-hearted.

5.    Skim boarding. Who would have thought that the shoreline lapping with the ocean waters would provide a semi-slippery area for yet another fun activity? Ride on a skim board and glide along the shore just for the fun of testing your balancing skill. Rentable for only P100, the skim board becomes your buddy.

6.    Island hopping. For adventurers, hire a boat off to Crystal Cove, Puka Beach, and Laurel Island. Boracay is surrounded by other smaller islands that are as marvellous, and you are just utterly dull if you do not find anything interesting to do in any of the little paradise.

7.    D’Mall tripping. A visit to the well-known shopping mall on the island gives you a wide choice for your souvenirs and restaurants. Of course, remember to personalise every pasalubong.

8.   Seaside buffet dinner. A trip to Boracay is incomplete if you do not get to taste specialties from all restaurants lining up along the beach.

9.   Boracay nightlife. After enjoying the under-the-sun fun in the island, spend your remaining energy partying at the different bars and restaurants offering good music. If you’re staying at a luxury hotel in Boracay, many of these hotels hold exclusive parties for guests.

With all these activities available for your picking, it is crucial to get the best Hotel Accommodation in Boracay that brings you closest to all the fun.

 7Stones Boracay, located in the Bulabog beach area, is a fully furnished hotel that will guarantee a one-of-a-kind summer vacation. If you are a first timer, the 24-hour concierge service will even help you get the best prices and contact persons for all the mentioned activities.


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