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Five Reasons Why Boracay Is the Perfect Place for a Lenten Retreat

Holy Week is just around the corner, and everyone takes the opportunity to catch up with family and friends during the break. The Lenten Season is also the best time to reflect about your past, present, and of course, the future—and there’s no better place to do that than in the majestic beaches of Boracay!

So why exactly is Boracay the perfect place for a Lenten retreat? Here are 5 great reasons.

1. Still, Shallow Waters

You don’t have to worry about the waves “eating” you up, or not being able to enjoy the beach because of the strong current. Boracay boasts of still, shallow waters that are perfect for swimming. You can clear your mind in the waters—and realize how blessed you are for being a living witness to the glory of nature.

There are at least 8 beaches that you can visit while in the island. If you want to avoid the expected heavy crowds in White Beach during the season, you can visit Puka or Diniwid beaches—so you can really relax and have a great time on your own.

2. Shaded, Sandy Path

Another great thing about being in Boracay is that you have the chance to sit down in a shaded, sandy path, feel the powdery white sand under your feet, and look at the beauty around you. While there, you can read a book, write on your journal, and meditate while letting go of whatever pains or worries you may have. The sun won’t hurt your skin, and you can still be one with nature.

3. The Breezy Climate

boracay climate

Sure, the Lenten Season falls right smack in the midst of summer, but what’s amazing about Boracay is that its windy, breezy climate is perfect for just walking around any time of the day. You can enjoy the place without worrying about the sun damaging your skin. With an average yearly temperature of 29 C or 84 F, you can be sure to have a great, hassle-free time strolling around the island.

4. 27 Dive Sites

boracay diving site

image source: retireearlylifestyle.com

As you reflect on the state of your life, why not do something different? Boracay has 27 wondrous dive sites that you can explore. There’s Angol Point with its bevy of corals, the interesting Bat Cave, Camia Drift with its House Wreck, The Coral Garden, Friday’s Rock, and so much more. Getting acquainted with the flora and fauna of the island will help you appreciate your life even more.

5. The Glorious Boracay Sunsets

boracay sunset

image source: lakbaypilipinas.com

And finally, you can look forward to the beautiful Boracay sunsets. Imagine sitting down on the sand while watching the sun paint the sky in shades of orange, pink, red, and purple—while contemplating on the true meaning of Lent. There are even cruises that allow you to watch the sunset at various parts of the island—that can inspire you to make even more sense out of your life.

This Lenten Season, don’t just stay home and do nothing. Explore the world—start with Boracay, and get to know yourself better. It will be the kind of break you’ll never forget!