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Five Reasons Why Boracay is a Magical Place to Get Married

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For the true beach lover, Boracay is the perfect wedding venue. Whether you have fond memories of the island or you just choose it for its picturesque sunset backdrop, you’ll find that there are even more reasons why Boracay is the ideal place to spend one of your most memorable life events.

If you don’t believe us, here are five reasons why you should get married in Boracay.

Romantic Location

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Even though Boracay is just a tiny island, it is packed with a multitude of charming locations for a wedding. Whether you want to do it on a pocket beach front, a public but secluded area, or in the midst of the busy Station 1, it has something for you.

If you don’t like the beach, you can always get married near a mountain—Mt. Luho. Being the highest point in Boracay, it offers a great 360 degree view of the entire island.

The Most Charming Backdrop

The entire white beach and its charming sunset becomes the backdrop of your wedding pictures when you have your wedding in Boracay. Theme-inspired decorations on chairs, the aisle, and an altar will transform the entire beach front into an open-air wedding venue.

The horizon becomes an instant wall art that will look so good on your wedding pictures whether you have your wedding early in the morning or just before sunset.

Perfect Atmosphere for a Beach Reception

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Boracay is the perfect mix of solitude and fun fit for any wedding. Solitude. You can ask the hotel to cordon off the beachfront area so that you can have it all to yourselves. It will create a private and solemn ambiance while you exchange your vows.

And fun? Well, the party starts right after the ceremony and Boracay is never short on entertainment. There are fire dancers, bands, and sumptuous food for every guest. Anything you desire in a reception is just within an arm’s reach in Boracay. That’s how comfortable it is!

Planning your wedding is a Breeze

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Since Boracay has been a popular beach wedding destination, hotels already have wedding packages lined-up for every budget so no matter how many guests you have, planning this once in a lifetime event will be easy.

If you think logistics will be a problem because Boracay is far from the mainland, think again. Wedding and event planners are abound in Boracay – they cater to your needs no matter how difficult or quirky your requests may be.

It’s also a Good Honeymoon Spot


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After the wedding, you don’t have to look for a honeymoon destination because you’re already there. The question now is: how will you spend your honeymoon? With the countless activities that Boracay has to offer, we’re sure you won’t get bored. From paraw sailing, kitesurfing, food tripping, or just lounging by the beach, Boracay has romantic and adventurous activities that will make your honeymoon another milestone to remember.

So, if you’re still looking for the perfect wedding venue, look no further. A Boracay wedding will definitely be a wedding worth remembering.