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Five Beach Friendly Apps

beach friendly apps

Summer may still be months away, but as early as today, you must get your beach game on. And by prepared, we mean not just your beach body, but your gadgets and apps as well. Believe it or not, these apps may save you a lot of time (say, when you need to find a restaurant), especially if you are going to a beach like Boracay.

Let’s look at five apps you should have on your mobile phone/tablet before you hit the beach this summer.



Image-Source: instagram-signup.com

Your beach adventures will not be complete without documenting and sharing your every move with the rest of the world. Whether you’re sipping mojitos in your cabana or appreciating the sunset in Boracay, make sure you record every picture perfect moment.

With Instagram’s different filters (but who needs filters in Boracay, really?) and hashtag feature, you can chronicle your favorite beach adventures on the Web. This app is free on Android and Apple and storage is cloud-based.


weather pro

Image Source: weatherpro.eu/

This $4 app will tell you everything about the weather in over two million locations worldwide, Boracay included! Just type in your location and it will show a detailed summary of the weather including wind speeds (perfect for windsurfing) and UV index (so that you can limit your exposure to the sun).



Image Source: kpcb.com

If you’re online 24/7, you can stream your favorite songs for free using this app; if you’re on Premium, you can even listen to them offline.

Spotify is every audiophile’s best friend because of its great portfolio of music classics, indie bands, pop songs, and just about anything under the sun. If none of the genres suit your taste, create your own playlist—it’s free!



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If you’re tired of all the activities and just want to relax and reflect, it’s good to have this app on your phone or tablet. Instead of lugging a book with you, just download this app and you instantly have access to all of your Kindle books, newspapers, and magazines.

It’s the easiest and lightest way to bring your reading list to the beach!

These are our top picks for beach-friendly apps. What’s the beach app you can’t live without? Share it in the comments and hope to see you in Boracay.