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Cheers! The Refreshing Stories of the Most Popular Local Drinks in the Philippines

Have you ever wanted to titillate your senses with a breathtaking beach getaway in the Philippines? And have you always wanted to try the best drinks that the tropics have to offer?

If your answers are yes, then jump in and let this guide help you make your dream come true! These popular whimsical Filipino drinks are guaranteed to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings for liquor. With these drinks in hand, you can turn your tropical island holiday into an experience of a lifetime!

Boracay Mix while clubbing in Boracay

boracay mix

The wonders of Boracay are already world-renowned, with the famed White Beach and the bustling night life as the top notch attractions. In this pulsating island, the Boracay Mix was born. It is a sweet alcoholic concoction that’s sure to make you lose track of your troubles, and your phone if you don’t slow down. Boracay Mix has rum, condensed milk, coffee, and chocolate. It’s like Boracay–delicious and packed with wonderful surprises.

Hit Puerto Galera with a Mindoro Sling

mindoro siling

Puerto Galera is famous for its beautiful beaches and awesome diving spots, with some of the most diverse reefs in the world. But aside from the diving experience, you should also try the drink the place is known for: The Mindoro Sling. It’s got the staple rum of Filipinos—Tanduay—as base and lots of fruity goodness – mango, pomegranate, and calamansi added on in the mix, along with bits of apples and oranges and lots of ice. It really has the “punch” to beat the tropical heat.

Have some lambanog, or coconut wine in the beaches of Quezon Province


The Philippines’ Quezon province boasts of a wide array of beautiful islands and beaches where you can chill out in remote vistas, such as Borawan Island, Salibungot Island, and Minasawa Island, to name a few. It is often the best stop for nature lovers who want to go bird watching and just enjoy some solitude in the wild, untapped wonders of Quezon. While there, you can enjoy some locally distilled coconut wine, or lambanog, which is widely produced in Quezon. Lambanog is not for the faint of heart – at 45% for single distillation to 83% alcohol in the second. You can try some “home-made” wine from the locals, or you can buy some from stores, then bring it over to your chosen island, and chill with nature.

Greet Subic Bay with a glass of Manila Sunshine

manila sunshine

Subic Bay a short drive away from Manila. Blue waters, white sand, and lots of restaurants and bars await you there, and what better way to enjoy it than with Manila’s new signature cocktail– the Manila Sunshine. It’s got lambanog as its base, along with a jolt of Tanduay Rum and triple sec, mango and pineapple flavors, and garnished with lemon grass and a pineapple slice. Indeed, it’s a drink that encompasses the spirit of Manila’s scorching heat.

Enjoy basi in Cabugao Beach


Ilocos Sur has much to offer, including two UNESCO Heritage sites and beautiful beaches, Cabugao being most well-known. Now, you should get to know the local beverage called basi, which is a type of wine extracted from sugarcane. There’s a whole ritual in making basi, with the wine being boiled and cooled in earthenware pots and jars. Fruits or barks are then added for flavor, covered with banana leaves, then allowed to ferment for several years.

So what are you waiting for? Make it a part of your bucket list to soak up the sun, swim in the clear blue waters, and savor these fun drinks as you sink your toes in the pristine sands of the Philippines’ finest beaches!


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