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Celebrities that Celebrated Valentine’s in Boracay

Boracay is considered as one of the best tropical beaches in the world. Aside from the exciting parties, the white sandy beaches, and delectable food, Boracay is also known to be the beach of love–mostly because so many celebrities have spent Valentine’s Day on the island!

Speaking of celebrities, here are the top 10 international celebrities who were spotted in Boracay beach resort celebrating with the one they love!

1. Chanel Iman

One of the world’s most promising models and a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Chanel Iman made Boracay even hotter with her presence! Not only that; she also spent time on the beautiful island with her beau, NBA player Jordan Clarkson–who was actually responsible for this surprise Boracay trip! They took loads of photos, rode on yachts, and even partied with Manny Pacquiao, arguably the Philippines’ most popular athlete of all time.

2. Lee O’Brien

The actor, whom Filipinos began to love after starring in the movie EDSA Woolworth with Filipina comedienne Pokwang, brought his ladylove (and co-star) to Boracay for three romantic February nights after the premiere of their movie. The two also confirmed that they were in a relationship right after that.

3. Marie Digby

marie digby

image source: iv1.lisimg.com

The beautiful songstress once spent Valentine’s Day in Boracay. While it was reported that she was going to be on her own, she was sighted with Fil-Am crooner and actor Sam Milby on the island. Sam later admitted that he really did see Marie–well, maybe the island could really help love develop, after all!

4. Michael Madsen

michael madsen

While Michael Madson is popular for starring in films such as Sin City, Kill Bill, and Donnie Brasco playing tough guy roles, the actor also has a soft spot in his heart—evidenced by how much he loves Boracay, most specifically, Ariel’s Point, a picturesque cliff that is a great dive-off spot!

5. Tony Chao

tony chao

image source: mayadstudios.com

Tony Chao is one of the most popular actors in Malaysia who’s known for his candor and charisma. His wife is also a celebrity, Fish Leong, a famous star in Thailand. Well, the two didn’t just visit Boracay on Valentine’s Day, they got married there, too! So romantic!

6. Kevyn Lettau

kevyn lettau

image source: pbs.twimg.com

The artist considers the Philippines as her second home, and why not? After all, she has been to Boracay not just for Valentine’s Day, but also in three other occasions. She describes the ocean as something so magnificent, with five different colors, and the whole place is a paradise–that’s why she keeps coming back for more! She has done concerts on the island, too.

7. Lee Min Ho

lee min ho

image source: 33.media.tumblr.com

The apple of teenagers’ (and teenagers at heart) eyes everywhere, Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular Korean actors in history. He starred in the hit Boys Over Flowers, and once spent a Valentine’s Day in Boracay. And, get this: he not only enjoyed the island, he also admitted that a woman he met on the island really caught his eye–and might even have caught his heart! Now, that’s a story for the ages!

8. Fely Irvine

feky irvine

image source: pictures.zimbio.com

Fely Irivine is a member of the hit show Hi-5 in Australia. Her fiancé, Tai Hara, is also an actor and a model, and they once spent Valentine’s in Boracay. The two agree that the island is not just made for partying—both of them also enjoyed the sun and surfing, making their love for each other even stronger!

9. Michael Caine

michael caine

image source: images.hngn.com

The actor was in Boracay to shoot the movie Too Late the Hero–way back in 1968, when Boracay was completely rustic and uninhabited. The actor considers it a paradise, and while he thinks that it no longer looks the same, he says that his memories of the place would always stay with him.

10. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

brad pit, angelina jolie

image source: img2-3.timeinc.net

Brangelina, as they are lovingly called by their legions of fans, once visited Boracay to hide from the hustle and bustle of life in the states. Rumor has it that they even thought about adopting a kid from the island, and while that did not pan out, they did fall in love with the island. Who knows? Maybe, they’ll be coming back soon!

While you may not be a star, you do deserve star treatment–and Boracay would surely give you that and more!