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9 Places to Visit in 2016

A new year is coming and with it comes a new set of holidays to prepare for—which means you have brand new opportunities to travel!

Now, do you know where to set foot next? Well, if you have no idea, you can take a cue from travel experts to know which places are the best to visit in 2016!

1. East Africa

East Africa

According to Lonely Planet, East Africa is the continent’s heart of tourism because it has a lot to offer. Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya are all part of East Africa, which is the place to be if you want to be one with nature!

While there, spend time with the amazing gorillas, check out the scenic Mount Kilimanjaro, see the animals at Serengeti National Park, and take photos of the picturesque pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru! With lots of adventures waiting for you to enjoy, you’ll surely love your vacation!

2. Australia


With a tourism campaign that goes Our Country Is Waiting for You, Australia promises to bring enjoyment, comfort, and a taste of culture to visitors. The great thing about Australia is that it has the perfect mix of wildlife, nature, and contemporary elements that make it unique. In 2016, a genuine aboriginal experience awaits those who would visit.

While in Australia, don’t forget to visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, and the majestic Great Barrier Reef!

3. Brazil


With a glorious swerve made by the Atlantic Seaboard, Brazil surely is on top of 2016 Places to See lists!
A visit to Brazil, specifically in Rio Grande do Norte, would allow you to see picturesque beaches with non-stop sandy shores, and get to sample products—aside from food—made from sea salt!

Local culture also has a lot to offer as you’ll be treated to woven palm mats, cassava fries, and clay figurines. Just don’t forget to bring some home!

4. Mexico


Mexico has always been a prime destination, especially during Spring Break season, but in 2016, weather is said to be good in the country, especially in Cancun during the month of April—which is spring and summer in most countries.

The breeze of the ocean will surely make you feel like it’s a summer to remember, perfect to have some fun at the bars and restaurants by the Caribbean! Don’t forget to see the snowbirds, too!

5. Bermuda


Forget the myths about that infamous triangle! Bermuda is one of 2016’s top destinations because it brims with personality and history, with ties to the Native American era!

Filled with pink and white sand beaches, a rich sea life, and with roads that are safe to traverse, this is one destination that should be on top of your list. Make Horseshoe Bay and Spanish Point your priorities.

6. Vietnam


Rich in history, this Asian jewel is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it proves worthy to be one of the top destinations for 2016!

What’s great about Vietnam is that you can see a lot without breaking the bank. Research shows that you only need around $20 each day for lodging, food, and sightseeing!

Start from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, and don’t forget to visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Cu Chi Tunnels, and the Vietnam Museum.

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of those countries you probably didn’t think of traveling to before, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of Europe’s most affordable destinations, and its beauty is definitely worth the effort!
You’ll be able to see majestic places such as Stari Most, Kravice, and Vrelo Bosne—and get to eat amazing food and travel around town without burning a hole in your pocket, too!

8. Nepal


Nepal was in a state of devastation early this year because of the big earthquake that happened. However, that did not shatter the allure of the place, and in 2016, you can help Nepal’s rehabilitation by paying it a visit.
Check out some of the most sacred sites in the country such as Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple, and experience the magic that Nepal is famous for.

9. Maine


Finally, there’s Maine!

You see, 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the Acadia National Park, which means there would be lots of festivities, craft beer, and sizzling food prepared by the locals.

Aside from the National Park, you should also check out the Portland Head Light and Casco Bay to make the trip much more memorable and fun!

So, what do you think? Start saving now and visit all the destinations in this list in 2016!


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