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25 Un-Touristy Activities That You Should Do When Exploring a New Place


25 Un-Touristy Activities That You Should Do When Exploring a New Place

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Visiting popular tourist attractions can get boring, especially for those who want to experience more when they travel. Here are some of the most underrated activities that tourists should try when traveling to a new place:

1. Talk to the locals – If you can speak their language or if you can find a local who speaks English, have a conversation with them to learn more about their country and culture.

2. Avoid tourist shops – To get the best deals, shop where the locals shop.

3. Look for flea markets – Again, you can get the best deals by haggling with vendors. This is also where you can find stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Eat with the locals – Not only is it cheaper to eat the same food the locals eat; you can be sure that what you’re tasting is authentic.

5. Be brave enough to try food from food carts – Not all authentic local cuisine can be found in restaurants. Need we say more?

6. Watch street performers (and join in if you can) – Watch the local talents perform and if you think you can hack it, join them and share your own talents as well.

7. Get a taste of the local drinks – Whether it’s local beer, a special cocktail, or a particular kind of liquor found only in that part of the world, don’t leave until you’ve tried it.

8. Skip the big museums – These places are tourist traps that would eat up much of your time. Find smaller, more specialized museums to visit for more interesting finds – and less people.

9. Stay with a local or at a guest house – There are many services that allow travelers to book rooms at smaller guest houses or with locals. Not only are they cheaper, they’re a better way to immerse oneself in the culture.

10. Rent a bike – If the city you’re visiting has a bike-sharing program, by all means, go and see the sights on two wheels!

11. People watch – Many tourists already do this, but it still feels un-touristy to just sit outside a café and watch people walk by.

12. Take public transport – Subways, metro trains, and buses are great ways to get around town – and they’re much cheaper than a cab or a hotel car service.

13. Find a farmer’s market – Taste fresh produce from the area. If you’re lucky, you might even find an organic farmer’s market.

14. Take cooking lessons – Sign up for cooking lessons so you would be able to replicate the local cuisine at home.

15. Watch a concert or go to a music festival – Music is universal and a great way to learn about the culture of the city or country you are visiting.

16. Join in cultural celebrations – Whether it’s a town fiesta or a parade in the city, partying with the locals is always a great way to spend a day or two while on vacation.

17. Visit attractions meant for locals – People living in the city you’re visiting also need to relax and unwind. Find where the locals go and experience what they do on a regular basis.

18. Visit local parks – Want to get a morning jog before starting your day? Why not do it in parks that locals frequent. There won’t be too many people (a.k.a. tourists) and you get to observe people in their most natural selves.

19. Walk around – Don’t be afraid of the unfamiliar surroundings. Put on some comfortable shoes and see the sights on foot.

20. Join marathons and other open sports activities – When planning your trip, check out the sports events you can actually join and sign up.

21. Find a non-tour guide tour guide – If you’re sick and tired of all those touristy tours, go and look for a local who would be glad to show you the sights at your own pace.

22. Read the local newspaper – Learn more about what’s happening around you.

23. Rent a house on the beach – Beaches are always cramped with local and foreign tourists. Renting a house on a private beach will help you escape all that.

24. Go camping – If you’re a nature buff, camping in the woods – with a local guide of course – is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors.

25. Make a new friend – The best part of traveling is meeting new people. Make friends with the locals and they will surely welcome you back with open arms the next time you come and visit.


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To be Young and Carefree: 20 Reasons Why You Should Travel in Your 20s


To be Young and Carefree: 20 Reasons Why You Should Travel in Your 20s


The term “YOLO” was coined many years ago, but its meaning still holds true today. You only live once and waiting until you’re older to do the things you want to do – like traveling – may be something you’ll regret later on. Although it’s never too late to live it up, here are 20 reasons why you should start traveling in your 20s:

1. You still feel invincible – People in their 30s and 40s tend to worry more about their health and safety, so go on a crazy adventure while you still can. Put off the safe sight-seeing travels and family theme park trips for when you’re older. Now is the time to go on that African safari adventure or visit countries like Uzbekistan or cities like Hyderabad in India that aren’t on the usual list of popular tourist destinations.

2. Comfort isn’t a priority YET – Twenty-somethings don’t mind traveling on a budget even if it means living off a backpack and staying in cheap hostels. Backpacking through Europe isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. It can be uncomfortable, especially when you have to share a room with other travelers. A typical dorm-type room hostel room in Paris would cost you roughly 30 Euros per night. A dorm room is much like a private room if you’re traveling with friends, but if you prefer to do it alone, prepare to spend a little bit more if you want some privacy.

3. You don’t have too many responsibilities – Unless you’re already married with kids, people in their 20s don’t have to worry about putting food on the table. Enjoy your freedom while you still can.

4. This is your chance to find yourself – Soul searching is difficult when you’re stuck in one place. Get inspired by the places you visit and the people you meet. When you get back, you just might have the answers to your questions. For some serious meditation time, try visiting an Ashram in India for spiritual guidance or go on a meditation retreat in Phuket, Thailand. You can also find inspiration by visiting quiet beaches and places with serene mountain views.

5. You can learn to be self-sufficient – Finding ways to earn travel money without having to ask your parents is a valuable life lesson every 20-something should learn. Many young travel enthusiasts do freelance work like writing to sustain their travel addiction while others prefer to do odd jobs in the countries they visit.

6. You don’t have to travel with kids – Going places with your children when you’re older can be fun, but it can also be quite stressful. You need to find a hotel that’s child friendly and you may not get a chance to see all of the awesome stuff your chosen destination has to offer because you’re too busy looking after your kids and making sure they’re having fun, too. Traveling alone or with friends while you’re still young and single, on the other hand, is bound to be an experience you will never forget.

7. You are at your best physically – Many travel activities like cliff diving, hiking, or climbing hundreds of steps require fitness and stamina that most 30 and 40 year olds simply don’t have anymore. It takes 4-6 days to complete a round trip hike across the Grand Canyon in Arizona and roughly 16 days to get to the Everest Base Camp from Lukla in Nepal, so it’s better to do it while your body can still take it.

8. You can meet lifelong friends from all over – Younger people tend to be friendlier and more accommodating. You can definitely make a lot of new friends during your trips.

9. Make more memories with your friends – When you’re much, much older, meeting up with your friends would be so much more fun when you reminisce about the times you went to this or that place and something hilarious happened.

10. Your stomach can still handle the food – A big part of traveling is trying out food you’ve never tasted before. It’s advisable to do that now while your tummy can still handle it.

11. You can still drink all you want without regretting it the next morning – You party hard and your ability to survive a hangover is a testament to your youth and vitality. Spice things up by partying it up somewhere other than your hometown.

12. Learning is part of the experience – You’re never too old to learn new things and learning about different places, customs, and cultures while you’re still young gives you an edge.

13. So many places to visit, so little time – Start crossing out places from your travel bucket list while you’re still young.

14. There are some places you won’t appreciate when you’re older – Some travel destinations are known for their all-day-all-night parties – something you might not enjoy when you’re older.

15. You don’t have a “career” yet – If you’re in your 20s, chances are, whatever you’re doing now won’t be what you’ll be doing when you’re 40. Before you settle down on a career, see the world first.

16. You still look good in your travel pictures – You won’t look young forever, so if you’re going to take travel selfies, now is the time to do it.

17. You realize that the world is bigger than you – You don’t want to be one of those people who grow old thinking that they’re the only people on earth.

18. You can still adapt to the environment around you – Older tourists stick out like a sore thumb not just because they look different, but because they act different. Younger travelers tend to blend in more and in the process experience more.

19. There’s still room for mistakes – It’s better to regret the crazy things that you did rather than regret the adventures you did not take.

20. Life is short – You do not know how long you’re going to live, but you can definitely control how well you live your life.


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