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15 Beach-Inspired Gifts to Give this Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving. And if you know that the people you love have a flair for the beach, why not give them beach-inspired gifts this Christmas? Not only will they appreciate them, you can also be sure that they’ll really use your gifts.

Here are 15 beach-inspired gifts that you can give:

1.  Starfish Wall Art


What better way to profess one’s love for the beach than with starfish wall art, right? This handcrafted beauty is a great décor for the bathroom wall-or anywhere else around the house.

2. Anchor Monogrammed Cups


Everyone uses cups to drink their favorite beverage—so make sure that the person you love would remember you and the beach while doing so. These monogrammed cups are designed with anchors that will surely remind anyone of the sea—without being too over the top. It’s perfect for minimalist-themed homes, too.

3. Nautical Starfish Necklace

starfish necklace

This necklace is so pretty you might even want one for yourself! It’s perfect for feeling like a mermaid or enchantress of the sea! With Swarovski crystals, silver sand dollars, and starfish, it’s truly one of the most majestic beach-inspired gifts out there. You can try making one, too.

4. Seashell/Puka Shell Necklaces

Puka shell necklace

ey, even Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot loved their puka shells! This would work both for men and women, and is a simple reminder of happy days spent by the beach. They come in various colors, as well.

5. Miniature Yacht Models


f you can’t give someone a yacht, give them model yachts instead! This one is reminiscent of the First World War and has that classic, nautical vibe to it. It’s a perfect room decoration, and would definitely leave the one you’re giving it to in awe.

6. Word Stones

word stones

Beaches aren’t just full of shells—there are lots of beautiful stones, too! These beach pebbles are imprinted with inspiring words that would keep one motivated.

7. Ocean Wave Necklace

ocean wave necklace

This necklace is reminiscent of the beach as it is designed with waves and are in shades of blue and white. It has that magical, mystical feel that would definitely enchant the person you’re giving it to.

8. Cute Beach Pillows

beach pillow

Why not take the beach to bed? These pillows are fun-filled and colorful, with illustrations of the beach, the sand and sun. They have the right amount of plush that will make it easy for you to sleep, too.

9. Nautical Picture Frame


Made with burlap and twine, this one has sand dollar decors and are in colors of green and navy blue that’s reminiscent of the sea! It’s a good way of keeping beach memories where they’re supposed to be!

10. Sealife Salad Hands

sealife salad hands

Make the act of eating salads fun and memorable with sealife salad hands or forks that are decorated with starfish or crabs. They’ll definitely make one feel like being by the beach again!

11. Custom Beach Signs

custom beach signs

These could be placed on one’s door, and could work with a minimalist or nautical theme. Your family or friends would surely be appreciative of these, especially if they miss the beach.

12. Coral Rugs

coral rugs

Nope, these aren’t made from corals but show illustrations of corals! In various shades of blue, and with colorful designs, you can be sure that one will feel like he’s back at the beach with these!

13. I’d Rather Be At the Beach” Shirt


If someone’s going to declare his love for the beach, he or she could wear a shirt that says so! In gray and with a simple but striking print, this is perfect for both men and women! It’s comfy and beautiful at the same time.

14. Starfish Fanpulls


These hand-carved fanpulls have that distressed, whitewashed feel that will remind one of the beach every time he pulls on the lights! They’re definitely perfect for coastal-themed homes!

15. Miniature Beach House Set

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Finally, why not give the one you love this miniature beach house set? Painted in white and blue, and with the cutest, and most intricately detailed furniture, this one is something you might even want to keep for yourself!

Give these beach-inspired gifts to the one you love this Christmas, and you’ll definitely make that person happy—not only on that day, but for a long time!