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Maximizing Local Talent for Your Boracay Beach Wedding


Maximizing Local Talent for Your Boracay Beach Wedding

Most everyone dreams of a beach wedding. Reciting your vows to each other while the soft, salty sea breeze making the bride’s veil dance, the sound of the surf gently lapping at the beach, the delightful feeling of sand between your toes, or a night wedding, the “I do’s” exchanged over a crackling beach bonfire.

These memories and more are what make having a beach wedding a very special moment in a couple’s life. On this memorable day, you know you have to pull out all stops and get the best people to make your wedding day special, because you only have one shot at this!

Thankfully, Boracay is home to quite a few wedding planners and suppliers to make sure that you say your vows in the most beautiful and hassle-free way possible.

  1. Not Just A Box Events

Aiza de Leon’s team has been a solid fixture in Boracay’s shores. Handling quite a few foreign and high society locals’ weddings right here in the island, she prides herself in knowing what you want and how to get it. Visit them at http://notjustaboxevents.com/ today!

  1. Ronald Soncio Events

Ronald’s team has been lauded by his clients profusely, and with good reason. Specializing in tranquil and intimate beach weddings, Ronald and his team is a sure bet for a warm and cozy feel for your wedding. Check him out at http://www.ronaldsoncioevents.com/ now!

  1. Boracay Weddings by Amanda Tirol

When you’re in the best island in the world, you’d want the best planners for your beach wedding, too. Amanda and her team has a track record beginning in 2003, focusing on making the island the prime destination for beach-loving couples. From start to finish, their personalized and curated approach to designing your wedding will set you up for the greatest day of your life. Visit http://www.boracayweddings.org/ for more details about them!

These are just some of the very best wedding planners Boracay has in store, and there are tons more who are just as good.

The colors, sights, and sounds of this island is only as good as you make it to be, and your wedding is no different. Whoever you choose, remember that this event will be for you! And, of course, we’d like you to be as comfortable as you can in Boracay, so don’t forget to book suites with 7Stones Boracay, where you can enjoy a luxurious, hassle-free stay with the hospitality Filipinos are known for. See you soon!

happy life

How to Take Care of Your Entourage


How to Take Care of Your Entourage

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives. The idea of tying one’s soul to another, bonding them for life, is an idea that has sustained this human race for centuries.You spend weddings with the closest people in your lives, and it’s important that you make them feel special too? NEVER skimp on the entourage.

Now, your entourage are some of the closest friends and family you’ll have. House them at 7Stones Boracay for your wedding and we’ll make sure they have a time (almost) as good as yours!

  1. Feed them exclusively in 7th Note Cafe

This place didn’t get famous just because it’s ours. 7th Note Cafe houses some of the best (gluten-free!) dishes in the island. Go wild with our Garlic Pesto Prawn Pasta, made with fresh prawns caught in the sea surrounding the island.

7sth note cafe

Or drop by on a Friday or Saturday, when Steak & Burgundy Night happens and you’re treated to a succulent selection of-prime cut steaks, juicy and soft to the bite.

  1. Put them all in one place.

Our 138sqm Premier Sky Suite, with 2 bedrooms, can comfortably house four to six blushing bridesmaids, or giggling groomsmen.


They’ll have their own Jacuzzi, 3 flat screen TVs and a Home Theatre to keep everyone entertained, and a fully-equipped kitchen to take care of those midnight munchies. It’s fun for everyone!

living room
  1. Show them a good time!

When all the formalities of marriage are done and over with, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to let the party stop there. Take the whole crew out on an island hopping trip, and enjoy the greatest sights of the island.

And at night, take the time to unwind on our beachfront, tucked away in some of the quietest places in the island, away from the hustle and bustle of the noisier parts of the island. No need to do anything but feel the cold sea breeze and hear the crackle of the logs!

happy life

When you choose 7Stones Boracay for you and your entourage’s accommodation, you’re not getting just a place to stay; you’re getting an experience that’s worth every penny. Make sure you and your entourage have the time of your lives on your most special day. We’ll see you soon!

Maximizing Your Beach Accommodation the 7Stones Way


Maximizing Your Beach Accommodation the 7Stones Way

Boracay, the Philippines’ prime beach destination, has a lot more to offer you than pristine white beaches and cerulean waters. The island caters to the night owls, the party crowd, the adrenaline junkies, and those who prefer serenity. Here at 7Stones Boracay, all of these are just a short stroll away!

With the myriad options available to you, we won’t be surprised if you have trouble picking out what to do. With that, here’s how you make your Boracay stay a memorable one—the 7Stones way!

  1. Play!

Why waste a beach trip by staying indoors? Get out and enjoy the sun and surf! Try diving under the Boracay sea, filled with interesting critters and colourful coral reefs.


Looking for an adrenaline rush? Try hopping into one of our Jet Skis! Go as fast as you’d like and feel the salty sea air rush against your face.


If underwater isn’t really your thing, you can live out your Blackbeard fantasies by renting a boat and exploring the outlying islands!


  1. Indulge!

7Stones houses an in-house massage and spa, perfect for those days when you just want to feel like a queen.


After a glorious spa day, wine and dine on one of Boracay’s most famous cafes—7th Note Cafe, located right inside the beach resort.


Relax at night by taking a dip in our Jacuzzi, and get your drink on in our swim-up pool bar. No need to get out of the pool—we’ll bring your drinks to you!

  1. Explore!

Boracay isn’t all beaches and nightlife. The island is host to lots of interesting terrain in it, and don’t leave until you’ve seen it! Ask our wonderful staff about the massive rock formations that dot the area, the coolest caves to spelunk, or hideaways that afford wonderful views.

Getting there can be an adventure in itself. Take out one of our ATVs for a ride and go your own pace!


If you’d like to take the scenic routes instead, pick up one of our mountain bikes and breathe in the fresh sea air.


Now, if you’re looking for greater heights, then you’ve come to the right place. See this beautiful island in its entirety from the air! Go on a helicopter ride and take in the sights of the liveliest beach island in the Philippines. It’s an experience you (and your kids!) won’t quite forget.


This list is the tip of the iceberg! Discover more here at 7Stones Boracay, Boracay’s exclusive luxury beach resort. Whatever floats your boat, 7Stones will be happy to make it happen. Come over and experience the charms of the little island of Boracay. Book one of our suites now!


Preparing to Dive: Diving 101


Preparing to Dive: Diving 101

The beautiful blue waters of Boracay is indeed a tempting sight.  Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner diver, ample preparation is necessary to ensure your safety and to get the most fun out of your dive:

Do you have your certification card with you?


Image source: http://www.kudzu.com

Most dive shops will be asking for your certification. Make sure that you have your certification card to avoid any problems in getting permission to dive.

How are your current diving skills?

If you haven’t dived in a long time, it’s important to take a refresher. Do you remember how to put your diving gear together properly? Do you remember the proper diving signals? It’s important to be confident that you’re prepared for unexpected diving situations underwater. It’s key that you’re fit to be a good diving buddy!

Is your gear complete?

equipments diving

Image source: http://www.adpost.com

Have a list of all your gears. Never dive if something’s missing! Always check yourself from head to foot. Be a good diving buddy and make sure that your partner has all his or hers too!

Listen to safety briefings!

Briefings will always bring in necessary dive safety information before going into the water. You’ll be diving into a force of nature and it can be very unpredictable! Make sure that you listen carefully to the divemaster’s instructions and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any.

Communicate well with your buddy

Are you aware of the dive plan? Is the plan clear with the both of you? Make sure that you’re aware of the depths and spots that you’ll be exploring. It’s important that those left above water know when to expect you back to the surface. In case of an emergency, this information can help greatly!


Life underwater is indeed amazing and extraordinary. Keep calm, always be aware and enjoy every moment of it!

Having Fun with Kitesurfing


Having Fun with Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an exciting activity that involves a combination of other sporting skills: surfing, kiteflying, and wakeboarding. Did you know that Boracay’s Bulabog Beach is known as the best kite surfing location in Asia? It’s the perfect place to kite surf because of its strong winds and its shallow blue waters where you can cruise in.

If you wish to do kitesurfing, here are some necessities to take note of:

1)   Learn Kitesurfing Basics for your Safety

It’s best to have supervision if you’re a beginner kitesurfer. Since you’ll be doing this close to shore, you would want to make sure that not only you will be safe from harm, but innocent beach goers as well.

Find a certified kite boarding instructor who you can learn from. Since this is a sport that combines a lot of techniques, while you can definitely enjoy it easily, taking time to ensure your safety is necessary.

2)   Check your fitness

When doing kitesurfing, it’s required to be at least moderately physically fit. It doesn’t take a lot of strength, but it requires core power, balance and coordination. You’ll be combining multiple sporting skills and are working with forces of nature like the water and the wind. Your body should be ready for all these to fully enjoy the sport and to avoid harming others on the beach as well.

3)   Choose the right kite


Choosing the right gear is necessary in kitesurfing. If you’re just starting, it’s better to try it out several times before deciding on investing in purchasing your own gear. It’s better to consult professionals in order to find the kind of kite that’ll suit you best.

According to MACkite Boarding, for beginners, it’s suggested that your kite should be:

· “Sized for winds under 20 knots based on your weight”

· “Lots of depower in the bar throw”

· “At least 98% depower from the safety system. Most brands now have 100%”

· “Easy relaunch”

· “Stable flying- moves intentionally, not too responsive”

· “Move upwind easily”

These are just simple reminders for your first, if not next, kiteboarding session. Enjoy the water and the wind. Have a safe and fun ride!

play harder

Your Guide to LaBoracay 2016: Tips for a Fun-Filled Labor Day Weekend


Your Guide to LaBoracay 2016: Tips for a Fun-Filled Labor Day Weekend

It’s no secret that LaBoracay is one of the most awaited events on the island of Boracay for the whole year. Happening on Labor Day Weekend  (April 29 to May 2), it’s a fun-filled weekend full of fun and exciting activities ranging from beach volleyball games, boodle fights, and of course, endless parties!

If you’re planning to join LaBoracay this year, keep these things in mind and you’ll surely have a great time.

Play hard, party harder

play harder

Image source: http://boracaysun.com

LaBoracay isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a lot of things going on: those Nestea Beach Volley games, marathons, the intense EDM sounds blaring from the DJ’s docks, and so many parties. In short, you have to be prepared to mingle with people, forget about your worries, and just have a fun time—you’d have real long nights, so just catch up on sleep in the morning!

Don’t bring too many things outside

As aforementioned, you’d have a lot of activities to do—so don’t bring all your things outside. This way, you could also protect yourself from being robbed, or from not fully enjoying your time because you’re worrying about the contents of your bags. Don’t wear expensive accessories, too.

Stay hydrated—and keep safe from the sun

Even if you’ll be spending a lot of time under the sun, make sure that you don’t suffer from heat allergies, or worse, heat stroke, by keeping yourself hydrated. Bring some mineral water, or alkaline ion drinks with you. If you have fruit-infused water, that’s good, too. And of course, don’t forget to slather some SPF 45 lotion so you could protect yourself from the sun. If the sun is too high, wear shades, caps or hats so you won’t get crazy headaches and sore eyes.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people

You’re in LaBoracay—there’s no reason for you to be shy. Who knows? That person you think is intimidating could be someone who’s looking for a friend, too! Those people who are doing the same things as you are? Maybe, you have a lot of things in common—and you could be party buddies for life! Open up and don’t stay in your own little corner each time—you’ll be surprised at the great things this could bring into your life!

Find time to rest

You don’t have to spend all your time outside, either. During downtimes, you can spend time in your chosen Boracay Beach Resort, lie in bed for a bit, have something to eat, and just chill out—then you can join your preferred activities or parties!

Clean Up

And finally, don’t forget to clean up. Don’t throw trash on the beach—and if you see some lying around, take the initiative to clean them up. It won’t hurt your soul, and will actually make you a more responsible traveler.

Partying doesn’t mean that you have to forget to take care of yourself. By being a responsible traveler, you’d surely be able to enjoy LaBoracay the best way you could!

7 Reasons to Travel Alone This Summer

7 Reasons to Travel Alone This Summer


7 Reasons to Travel Alone This Summer

For some people, summer is the time to catch up with family and friends, and make travel plans with them. However, summer is also the perfect time to actually catch up with yourself!

Now, if you don’t have any travel buddies, why not just go solo and travel alone this summer?  Here are 7 reasons why you should travel alone this summer!

1. You’ll have time to reflect.

time to reflect

Image source: https://www.ultimate.travel

Sure, it’s fun to be with family and friends, but sometimes, you really do need to spend some time alone—so you can reflect on the state of your life, and consider making changes, if necessary.

2. You’ll get to reconnect with your surroundings.

connect to sorroundings

Image source: https://www.ultimate.travel

Going to one place on your own — say, Boracay — can help you really be one with nature. When you’re with other people, you’d just talk about mundane things; but by being alone, you’d feel the grace of nature—and how it was all created for you to bask in its glory.

3. It will be easy to stay within budget.

When you already know where to stay in Boracay, it will be easier to plan where you’ll use the rest of your money. You can then prepare an itinerary, and allot a budget for the rest of your stay, and make sure that you stay within the budget — because since you’re alone, you know you will have no one to borrow money from.

4. You can meet new people.

meet new people

Image source: http://inspiyr.com

It’s so easy to alienate other people when you are with your own crowd. But, when you’re alone, you tend to get a new perspective on things, and on people, too. You’ll feel free to meet others and make new friends — friends who can teach you a new thing or two that can benefit you this summer, and maybe even for the rest of your life.

5. You will be able to get out of your comfort zone.

When life becomes too comfortable, you start to feel everything becoming boring and monotonous — and that’s not really the kind of life that you want to live. By travelling alone, you can get out of that comfort zone and challenge yourself to do activities you probably haven’t done before!

6. You’ll have stories to tell.

move far away

Image source: http://youqueen.com/

Just imagine how curious your family and friends would be about your solo adventures! Imagine the delight in their faces when you tell them that you’ve gone parasailing, or that you got buried in the sand! Basically, they’d see this new version of you — and you’ll feel good about it.

7. You can do what you want, when you want to.

The best part about traveling solo? You’d have no one to tell you that you shouldn’t try snorkeling because it might be dangerous, or that you shouldn’t go to that late night party! You can finally do what you want — and enjoy your trip the best way possible!

Don’t make this summer monotonous and boring. Do something new — travel alone, meet new friends, do what you want, and surely, your summer would be a remarkable one!

things to do in boracay

5 Cool Things to Do in Boracay This Summer


Boracay truly is one of the world’s best beaches—and is a favorite of people who love the water and everything it offers. There are just so many things to do on the island — and following are 5 of the coolest things you can do in Boracay this summer!

1. Parasailing

One of the coolest — literally — things that you can do in Boracay is parasailing! Just imagine being up in the air, carried by a parasail, and seeing the magnificent beauty of Boracay from up above. You can even take photos, too, so you’ll have a memento of your time up in the air!

Rates: P750 to 2500 per person

Where: Bulabog Beach or White Beach

2. Scuba Diving

padi dive

Image source: http://calypso-boracay.com/

Sure, Anilao has a lot of great diving sites, but Boracay is simply underrated because aside from being beautiful aboveground, it also has a lot to offer under the sea! In fact, the island of Boracay has more than 15 majestic diving sites where you’d get to see various fish, corals, caves, and even underwater tunnels — making for a terrific and unforgettable experience!

Rates: P1600 for a “fun dive”/ P3500 for 3 to 4 hour beginner course

Where: White Beach

3. Island Hopping

Another great thing to do in Boracay is island hopping. In fact, it’s one of the most popular tourist activities in the area. After all, you really won’t be able to fully appreciate Boracay with just one glance. There are more than a dozen beaches — and a whole lot of coves to see. What you can do is join one of those boat tours, and get to see Tambisaan, Crocodile, and Puka Beaches, alongside other beaches on the island, too. You might even make new friends along the way!

Rate: P1000 to 3000 per boat

Where: Ask the staff of the Boracay resort you’re staying in so they could recommend a great tour for you.

4. Standup Paddling

This is kind of challenging, which makes it all the more fun! It’s like surfing — minus the crazy waves of the sea. What you’ll do is paddle a board while standing up, and since Boracay’s waters are shallow and calm, you won’t have a hard time doing this. It’s a good way to test your reflexes, too!

Rate: P300 to 500 per hour

Where: Station 1

5. Cliff Diving

And finally, what better way to maximize your Boracay adventure than by cliff diving? Get to feel the wind in your hair, and make a big splash in the waters! You can do this at Ariel’s Point in Station 1 where there are five different diving platforms, the lowest being 7 feet high, and the highest, 13 feet. If you don’t want to jump, you can still watch the divers and see Boracay from one of its highest peaks.

Rate: P1,600 per person, including outrigger ride, lunch buffet, unlimited drinks, snacks, and use of diving/watching amenities.

Where: Ariel’s Point, Station 1


What are you waiting for? Don’t waste time just lounging or swimming. Try these cool activities, and your time in Boracay would surely be worthwhile!

halo halo

Ten Dishes That Taste Like Filipino Summer


Ten Dishes That Taste Like Filipino Summer

Ten Dishes That Taste Like Filipino Summer

For most Filipinos, the talk of summer evokes happy memories of frolicking on the beach, family reunions, and other celebrations highlighted with sumptuous food. Thus, there are certain dishes and drinks that reflect the sights, sounds, and smells of Filipino summer—and ten of them are listed below:

1. Halo-Halo

Ah, there is nothing better that screams Filipino summer than halo-halo. In fact, it’s so good that it has actually become a year-round favorite!

You see, halo-halo combines ice, milk, jackfruit, bananas, ube or yam, beans, gelatin, pinipig or crushed young rice, and seasonal fruits such as melon or mango in one big bowl. It’s then topped with leche flan, and ice cream. The milky, fruity goodness can definitely beat the summer heat—and remind you of sweet memories.

2. Buko Pandan

This is a favorite Filipino dessert. It’s also a fiesta staple. It’s an easy-to-make dessert made from pandan, and screwpine leaves, milk, buko (coconut meat,) and green gelatin. It has that gooey, milky, and gelatinous flair that makes for a perfect dessert.

With the sweet smell of pandan, this white and green concoction is definitely something you’d devour in a heartbeat! Yum!

3. Guinumis

Guinumis is a toned-down version of the halo-halo that contains ice, milk, pinipig, tapioca pearls or sago, together with caramel syrup or arnibal! It’s sweet but not overwhelming, and it leaves a great flavor in your mouth that makes you want to have some more!

4. Sago’t Gulaman

This drink is truly a summer staple. If you think about it, there’s probably a store in almost every street in the country that offer’s sago’t gulaman!

This drink combines sago, gulaman or flavored jelly, and arnibal to provide you with an affordable thirst- quencher that would always make you think of Philippine summer.

5. Sorbetes

Mamang Sorbetero, anong ngalan mo, tinda mong ice cream, gustong gusto ko… So the old Filipino song goes! Sorbetes, also known as dirty ice cream—though nothing about it is dirty—is one of the best Filipino summer treats.

Sorbetes is an affordable alternative to expensive, branded ice cream. It comes in chocolate, ube, or cheese flavors that you can buy in one cone—and can even enjoy in a bun. The secret to its flavor is carabao’s milk—which makes eating sorbets an even more unique experience.

6. Saba con Hielo and Mais con Hielo

Saba con hielo is a bowl of cold milk, crushed ice, and saging na saba or sweet plantain, while mais con hielo is a cup of crushed ice, cold milk, and sweet corn. These are both perfect for merienda or snacks, and definitely brings back a lot of childhood memories for many Filipinos.

7. Ice Scramble

There’s always this certain joy that you’d feel when you see someone selling real, authentic ice scramble in the streets!

Basically, ice scramble, known locally as skrambol, is a mix of powdered milk, crushed ice, chocolate syrup, and your choice of flavor or sprinkles. It’s sugary sweet, and could really cool you down on a hot summer day.

8. Banana Cue

Banana cue is also a delectable merienda staple. It’s a stick of sweetened plantains that are rolled in brown sugar. Choose those that are coated in hardened sugar and you’ll surely melt in the goodness!

9. Ice Candy

Every summer, a lot of Filipino families get some extra income by selling their own version of ice candy—which is basically frozen fruits or fruit juice in a tube. Popular flavors include mango, avocado, chocolate, or even fruit salad—made from fruit cocktail and buko.

10. Buko Salad

And last but not the least is buko salad.

This is a mix of buko or young coconut meat, with gelatin, kaong or sugar palm fruit, nata de coco or coconut gel, and condensed milk. Sometimes served in coconut shell, topped with a pretty mini paper umbrella, this dessert is something that will leave you in awe and would make you come back for more!

Summer in the Philippines is truly colorful. With food like the ones mentioned above, you can be sure that celebrating summer in the Philippines would always be a treat!

history of bikini

How the Bikini Came to Be


How the Bikini Came to Be

history of bikini

image source: pakalohamaui.com

When you think of beaches, such as the picturesque Boracay, you not only think about the sea in its different shades of blue, the sand, or the food—you might also think about tourists wearing the bikini—one of the most popular summer staples around, as far as wardrobe is concerned.

But, have you ever wondered how the bikini came to be? Well, it’s time to learn more about its history!

1913 to 1946

Before it was even called the “bikini”, a two-piece bathing costume was created by Carl Janzen for women competing in the 2013 Olympics. It was tight-fitting, sure, but it’s mostly just a shirt and shorts—and it was already enough to cause a stir back in the day!

As time went by, women started to wear suits that really show a bit of skin, with shorter hemlines that are split in half—mostly because fabric was scarce due to the Second World War.

Then, in 1946, the war finally came to an end and Jacques Heim, a Parisian Designer who’s known for using fur in his creations, went on to create the Atome—which was then known as the smallest swimsuit in the world!

1947: The Birth of the Bikini

1947 bikini

image source: c1.staticflickr.com

The term bikini only started to be used in 1947 when a Parisian Engineer named Louis Reard created a suit from just 30 inches of fabric—the smallest at that time! He then named it the Bikini, after the Bikini Atoll—the infamous site of the first atomic bomb test located in the Pacific Ocean. The Bikini was then modeled by Micheline Bernardini, a famous showgirl, in one of those early Parisian swimming centers.

1950s: The Bikini Controversy

Things didn’t really go smoothly for the bikini at first. In fact, in the early 1950s, the famous Miss World Pageant together with a number of Catholic countries decided to ban the bikini, calling it an insult to women, and saying that it could not do anything good for women.

Some beaches in the Mediterranean and Europe tried to follow suit, but over 50,000 fans sent aggressive letters, protesting the bikini ban, and saying that it made them feel better as women—and it couldn’t be called a bikini unless it could slip through a wedding ring!
In 1957, famous supermodel and actress Brigitte Bardot pretty much wore the bikini in every beach in the South of France during the Cannes Film Festival.

In the United States, actresses Esther Williams and Marilyn Monroe also wore the bikini a lot, but were ridiculed by some writers of Modern Girl magazine, saying that decent and tactful women should not be wearing the bikini at all.

1960s to 1970s: The Acceptance

One famous karaoke song in the Philippines—and anywhere in the world—is Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, which was released by Bryan Hyland in the 1960s to pay homage to the bikini.

In Dr. No, the first James Bond film that starred Sean Connery, the bikini was prominently worn by Ursula Andress—and the bikini also made its debut on Playboy magazine in the said decade—it even earned Racquel Welch the distinction of being the most desired woman in the world after wearing a bikini in the film One Million Years BC.

1980s to 2000s: The Rise of the Bikini

1980's bikini

image source: o.aolcdn.com

By this time, the bikini was no longer controversial. The Star Wars’ Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, introduced the infamous Slave Costume—made from a golden bikini. Sports Illustrated magazine also published the popular SI Swimsuit Edition yearly, with bikini-clad women on the cover!

The Bikini Today

bikini today

image source: adrants.com

Today, the Bikini is not just a runway or magazine staple: it is the most comfortable, yet stylish summer wear that anyone could ask for—and its colorful history makes it even better!