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Maximizing Your Beach Accommodation the 7Stones Way


Maximizing Your Beach Accommodation the 7Stones Way

Boracay, the Philippines’ prime beach destination, has a lot more to offer you than pristine white beaches and cerulean waters. The island caters to the night owls, the party crowd, the adrenaline junkies, and those who prefer serenity. Here at 7Stones Boracay, all of these are just a short stroll away!

With the myriad options available to you, we won’t be surprised if you have trouble picking out what to do. With that, here’s how you make your Boracay stay a memorable one—the 7Stones way!

  1. Play!

Why waste a beach trip by staying indoors? Get out and enjoy the sun and surf! Try diving under the Boracay sea, filled with interesting critters and colourful coral reefs.


Looking for an adrenaline rush? Try hopping into one of our Jet Skis! Go as fast as you’d like and feel the salty sea air rush against your face.


If underwater isn’t really your thing, you can live out your Blackbeard fantasies by renting a boat and exploring the outlying islands!


  1. Indulge!

7Stones houses an in-house massage and spa, perfect for those days when you just want to feel like a queen.


After a glorious spa day, wine and dine on one of Boracay’s most famous cafes—7th Note Cafe, located right inside the beach resort.


Relax at night by taking a dip in our Jacuzzi, and get your drink on in our swim-up pool bar. No need to get out of the pool—we’ll bring your drinks to you!

  1. Explore!

Boracay isn’t all beaches and nightlife. The island is host to lots of interesting terrain in it, and don’t leave until you’ve seen it! Ask our wonderful staff about the massive rock formations that dot the area, the coolest caves to spelunk, or hideaways that afford wonderful views.

Getting there can be an adventure in itself. Take out one of our ATVs for a ride and go your own pace!


If you’d like to take the scenic routes instead, pick up one of our mountain bikes and breathe in the fresh sea air.


Now, if you’re looking for greater heights, then you’ve come to the right place. See this beautiful island in its entirety from the air! Go on a helicopter ride and take in the sights of the liveliest beach island in the Philippines. It’s an experience you (and your kids!) won’t quite forget.


This list is the tip of the iceberg! Discover more here at 7Stones Boracay, Boracay’s exclusive luxury beach resort. Whatever floats your boat, 7Stones will be happy to make it happen. Come over and experience the charms of the little island of Boracay. Book one of our suites now!


Preparing to Dive: Diving 101


Preparing to Dive: Diving 101

The beautiful blue waters of Boracay is indeed a tempting sight.  Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner diver, ample preparation is necessary to ensure your safety and to get the most fun out of your dive:

Do you have your certification card with you?


Image source: http://www.kudzu.com

Most dive shops will be asking for your certification. Make sure that you have your certification card to avoid any problems in getting permission to dive.

How are your current diving skills?

If you haven’t dived in a long time, it’s important to take a refresher. Do you remember how to put your diving gear together properly? Do you remember the proper diving signals? It’s important to be confident that you’re prepared for unexpected diving situations underwater. It’s key that you’re fit to be a good diving buddy!

Is your gear complete?

equipments diving

Image source: http://www.adpost.com

Have a list of all your gears. Never dive if something’s missing! Always check yourself from head to foot. Be a good diving buddy and make sure that your partner has all his or hers too!

Listen to safety briefings!

Briefings will always bring in necessary dive safety information before going into the water. You’ll be diving into a force of nature and it can be very unpredictable! Make sure that you listen carefully to the divemaster’s instructions and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any.

Communicate well with your buddy

Are you aware of the dive plan? Is the plan clear with the both of you? Make sure that you’re aware of the depths and spots that you’ll be exploring. It’s important that those left above water know when to expect you back to the surface. In case of an emergency, this information can help greatly!


Life underwater is indeed amazing and extraordinary. Keep calm, always be aware and enjoy every moment of it!