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5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Rainy Beach Vacation

rain beach

Image Source: floridatravelr.com

Summer’s over and you haven’t even had your vacation. You’re having second thoughts about going to boracay island resort because the rainy season just started. But you know that with your busy work schedule, this is the only time of the year you can have that oh-so-well-deserved beach vacation and you desperately need one.

Don’t fret. Who said that you should have vacations only during summer anyway? Go to the beach. Have that vacation. Perhaps you shouldn’t visualize yourself basking in endless days of sunshine though. Be realistic. When it’s “raining on your parade,” make the most out of it. Besides there are a lot of fun, exciting, and relaxing activities you can do on a rainy vacation at the beach.


1. Eat your heart out and taste the local delicacies. It’s no fun when you’re on a trip and you’re still going to eat fast food. Eat healthy and taste new things. Remember that vacations are for deviating from the humdrum routinary life of yours.

When it’s raining, seek out restaurants where you can make an experience out of the meal. Pick a restaurant that has a fabulous view of the beach or try restaurants where you can interact with chefs while watching the meals being prepared. You might even be able to catch some indoor barbecue nights where your dinner is accompanied with dance and music.

2. Take a class. A lot of hotels and resorts nowadays are offering classes for tourists on a holiday including yoga sessions. Cooking classes are a great way to learn how to recreate some of the amazing meals you’ve enjoyed at the local restaurants. You can also take a swimming lesson since most beach resorts have pools and offer this service to their customers. And if you catch a little bit of sunlight along the way, you can request for a diving lesson and take a tour under the sea.

3. Read. Find a comfortable couch with a view of the ocean, order coffee or tea, and settle in with the book that you’ve been planning to read for a very long time. Who said you have to pack every minute of your vacation with physical activities, anyway?

4. Indulge on an all-day spa. Extend your regular hour long massages to two or more hours. Take the time to exfoliating your skin with facials or mineral scrubs. Detox your worries away in a “me-time” moment in the steam room.

5. Do something crazy and plunge into the sea. You’re going to get wet anyway. Appreciate the rain and let go of caring if you’re wet or not. Throw all your inhibitions to the wind and let the raindrops take away all your stress. Play in the wet sand because it’s much better playing in the sand when it’s not scorching hot. And after all that, go back to your hotel, take a shower, warm yourself in front of a fire place or watch TV in your room and drink hot chocolate. Now that’s euphoria!