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Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Boracay

MOTHER’s DAY had come and past, but the expression of our love for our mothers shall never be limited only to this day. For those of you who are still planning a big surprise for ‘the best mum,’ ‘the best girl friend,’ and ‘the best woman in their life,’ it is not yet too late to celebrate.

mothers day in boracay

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The day will bloom with love, sweet surprises, and gifts from sons and daughters who want to recognise the greatness of their mothers. Do you want to do something new for your mum this Mother’s Day? In that case, Why not a resort treat full of pampering and laid-back relaxation? Look no further because 7 Stones Boracay –, a  Boracay Hotel and Resort, can grant your unique wish for your mum with just a single reservation call.

The Best Deal of 7 Stones Boracay

“Summer ain’t over in May! Stay in our luxurious suites and avail 15% off on room rates!”

The above statement signifies 7 Stones’ perennial offer to their clients. In today’s economy, all types of discounts are helpful and the amount of money saved can be used to purchase more wonderful gifts for your mum. The dedication of 7 Stones can be measured by the amenities and activities that it can offer to clients.

  • Lagoon Swimming Pool (with Jacuzzi). A resort is never complete without a swimming pool and Jacuzzi system. You can give this treat to your mother and watch as she enjoys the calming waters of the pool. A Jacuzzi bath also has many known positive effects, and it can help alleviate the stress in your mother’s body. Your mum has worked too hard–a pool and Jacuzzi surprise can definitely make her smile.
  • In-Room Massage. Is your mum suffering from physical and joint aches because of the daily management of the family and home? During your stay in 7 Stones Boracay, you can dial for an in-room massage service. A certified massage therapist will come to you and ensure that your mum gets the best massage that she deserves.


Activities in 7 Stones Boracay

When it comes to beach activities, 7 Stones Boracay never falls behind. The owners and managers of the resort are always coming up with new activities that attract hundreds of clients, both local or international.

  • Scuba Diving. Let your mum see the underwater beauty of Boracay. From friendly sea creatures to immense underwater scenery, your mother will enjoy this diving experience for a finite amount of time.
  • Kayaking. Is your mum ready for the adventure of her life? Does she have a passion for rough and raging waves? If yes, then kayaking is one of the best activities for her. Kayaking involves one or more persons to bypass a raging river. Safety measures are ensured, so you do not have to worry.
  • Helicopter Tour. If your mum is not afraid of heights, you can take her on an exciting helicopter tour all over the island. Watch the delight in her face as the helicopter explores the serene view of the island from up above.

Once your mum has explored the activities in 7 Stones Boracay, you can take her on a stroll in nearby shopping stores and restaurants. Just keep in mind that the best gifts that you can give to your mum in her special day are, still, your unfailing love, support, care, and respect.


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