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Travel Destinations to Enjoy During “Ber” Months

We’re onto what we call the “Ber” months, and apart from it marking the start of the Holiday season, it’s also that time of the year when vacation leaves are being filed and bags are being packed. But before one actually hops on a plane, a boat or even a bus and spend a week away from home, Google and travel blogs become the ultimate companions as he/she decides where to take his/her feet. We compiled a list of the most sought-after travel destinations, for quick reference!

1. Baler, Aurora, Philippines

The surfing season officially starts during the “Ber” months, and with Baler being one of the most popular surfing destinations in the country, it definitely makes it to the list! Not only does it boasts of its beautiful waves friendly for both beginners and pros, it’s also perfect for anyone who loves nature as it is. Waterfalls, coves, rock formations and historical sites – name it, Baler has it! And oh, did we mention their best-tasting Chocnut Turon and the most affordable Eat-All-You-Can service at PHP199?

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, being the nearest among our neighboring countries, has always been one of the top destinations first time travelers opt to go to. If you’re in for long walks with a handful of shopping and food tripping in between, you’ll surely enjoy the busy streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Kowloon, Soho and more. Reserving a day for Hong Kong Disneyland is truly a good idea, for the colorful parades featuring your favorite Disney characters will absolutely make you feel the magic of the Holidays!

3. Cebu, Philippines

Cebu might be the most talked about during January for its very much anticipated Sinulog, but the province, without a doubt, offers more than just face paints and street parties! From activities ranging from the simplest – shopping at the newly opened SM Seaside, food tripping at the Larsian – to the most extreme – quick road trip via the “habal-habal”, diving in Kawasan Falls, whale watching in Oslob, etc. – it will definitely push you to your limits!



4. Boracay, Philippines

The finest sands and the breathtaking sunset of Boracay remain as they are all year round. The famous Johna’s Fruit Shake does not stop appearing on everyone’s Instagram feed may it be summer or the rainy season, so as the incredible view of the golden hour as seen from a paraw. The friendly atmosphere of the island will keep you up until midnight, accompanied by sumptuous meals offered by world-class restaurants, one-of-a-kind entertainment by the most talented artists and the relaxing experience offered by multi-star accommodations like 7Stones Boracay! The strategic location of the resort in Bulabog Beach will show you the quiet and serene side of Boracay, one of the many reasons why everyone keeps on coming back to the island.

5. Baguio City, Philippines

Sure, Baguio City is best known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines but the “Ber” months is also a good time to visit. It is the perfect destination to flaunt your sweaters, scarves and boots matched with a hot cup of tsokolate de batirol while keeping warm in front of a fire place. Aside from the staple tourist spots we’re familiar with since our childhood days, Baguio also now boasts of its wide selection of food trip destinations. When already feeling bloated from all the eating, you might want to take a glance of the beautiful art inside the famous BenCab Museum and learn the culture of the Ifugaos at the Tam-awan Village.

Whether it’s the sound of the ocean waves, the bright lights of the city or the foodgasm that you crave, “Ber” months are definitely one of the best times to book that flight and enjoy the moments with your friends or loved ones!