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The Six Not-So-Hidden Beaches of Boracay

bulabog boracay

Boracay is the perfect marriage of laidback ambiance and party scene. Greeting you when you land on the island is White Beach in Station 1 where world-class hotels and restaurants cater to your every food craving. Travel 15 minutes more and you’re on the other side. Tucked away in the eastern part of the island is a more serene landscape where you can enjoy quiet time and just enjoy the scenery.

The Boracay that most people know and read about highlights only one spot—White Beach; but little do they know that the island actually has at least 10 beaches that are equally, if not more, stunning than what you see and read on blogs.

It’s high time that we feature the other not so hidden beaches that Boracay has to offer and discover its secrets.

Puka Beach


Photo courtesy of http://paige-anne-carter.com/

Serene and simple, this not-so-hidden spot on the Northern part of the island is the quiet version of White Beach. Don’t expect to have parties here or crazy hordes of tourists here; instead, it’s the perfect place to mingle with people and earn yourself a new friend.

There are restaurants and quiet bars at the entrance so whenever you want a beer or satisfy your pizza craving, you’ll find it here.

Bulabog Beach

bulabog beach

Photo courtesy of http://www.boracayblog.com/

This beach is located at the eastern part of the island and perfect for sports activities, most notably kite surfing. If you came to Boracay to try beach sports, book a hotel in this part of the island.

Bulabog is walking distance from White Beach, but there’s a distinct difference in the ambiance of the place. You really have to experience it for yourself.

Diniwid Beach

diniwid beach

Image Source: jrproperties.ph

White Beach’s neighbour is home to backpacker-friendly resorts. It has everything White Beach has to offer, but lesser so don’t expect to find a loud party here every night. Diniwid is more secluded and has awesome cliff side views lit by resorts at night; but equally stunning when Mr. Sun shines on it every morning.

Tambisaan Beach

tambisaan beach

Image Source: boracaylive.com

This secluded beach at the south-eastern part of the island is the perfect sport for snorkelling because of its several coral gardens just off the shore. Rent a snorkelling and explore the corals, and who knows; you might meet Nemo there.

Ilig-Iligan Beach

ilig iligan beach

Image Source: boracaysun.com

There are two ways to get to Ilig-Iligan Beach—walk inland or join an island hopping trip. Just like Tambisaan, this is also a good spot for snorkelling. Powdery white sand lines the edges of the water so if you’re tired of snorkelling, you can just enjoy the sun.

The downside though, is that there’s not a lot of restaurants in the area so it’s recommended that you have food and water with you when you explore this area.

Lapus-Lapus Beach

lapus lapus beach

Image Source: philippinebeaches.org

If you really want seclusion in Boracay, this is the beach for you. It is only reachable via Fairways and Blue Water. What greets you after a short boat ride is a long stretch of calm and pristine that’ll make you say that the trip is worth it.

Boracay may be tiny compared to other islands in the world, but it has six of the beaches that you’ll see in your life. Don’t take our word for it; instead, come over to the island and discover it for yourself.


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