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Take your Gym to Boracay: Health Benefits Of Water Sports

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photo credit: rey031

Boracay, one of the world’s famous beaches, is not only a haven for our soul’s retreat, but also an athletic ground to the fitness buffs. The Balibago shore of Bora is home to a wide range of water sports activities from the fun banana boat ride to extreme parasailing (see more water activities.)  But do you know that these water sports give you a better cardio workout than a gym? And the best part is, it’s a lot more fun and exciting. Here are some water sports activities and their benefits.

  1. Swimming
    Swimming is a great cardio and muscular workout. You can burn up to 300-900 calories an hour depending on your weight and your effort. You use every muscle in your body, toning it in the process. Being under the water also exercises your lungs. It has always been recommended for those with respiratory and heart problems. It also provides an ideal place to work stiff muscles and sore joints, especially if you’re overweight or suffering from arthritis since the water helps carry your weight.
  2. Scuba diving or snorkeling
    One of the most noticeable benefits of scuba diving is the mental and emotional therapy the deep sea provides the diver. Being weightless and seeing the beautiful flora and fauna calms the nerves and washes away stress. It is a cardiovascular and muscular workout at the same time because the body moves against the natural pressure of the water without straining the joints.
  3. Kayaking
    Although it may seem like the arms are the only part of the body that kayaking can work out, it’s actually more than that. In kayaking, your strength should come from your core muscle, not your arms. After a while, you’ll feel like you’ve done a hundred sit-ups. Kayaking also exercises your mind as it tries to figure out where to steer the kayak.
  4. Parasailing
    This is one of the most thrilling yet risky water sport. Being up in the air releases tension and pressure from your body, while the wind caresses your skin. Like any extreme sport, it eliminates stress because of the sudden adrenaline rush, creating a great feeling of wellness. Plus, inhaling sea air is healthy. The negative ions in the salty air combat the free radicals in your body, relieving your body from toxins.
  5. Kite Surfing
    It is one of the best exercises for the body and mind. It tones your body, strengthening your abdominal area while increasing strength in your arms as you steer the kite. Riding the board will improve your balance. And while you’re at it, you are focused on several tasks at once which improves your coordination and concentration skills.
  6. Jet ski
    Jet skiing is a high speed water sport that is great for developing your balance and co-ordination skills because it requires concentration to stay on board. It strengthens the arm and leg muscles, giving you a good workout.