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Sand, Air, Sun, and the Medical Benefits of the Beach

beach hammock

Photo Credit: ministrybestpractices.com

Why is it that we associate the sea with feelings of relaxation and serenity?

We’ve been told often enough that the sea breeze is good for health and well-being, but what backs this age old story? Does this have psychological or scientific evidence behind it? Let’s find out. These are the proven health benefits of going to the beach.

  1. Sea waves relax our mind and body
    According to research, the sound of the waves changes the wave patterns in our brain lulling us into a deeply tranquil state. When were relaxed, our mind and body rejuvenates. Also, when we’re floating on water, blood in our lower limbs is pumped up towards our abdominal and chest region where the heart is. This brings more oxygen to our brain, making us more active and alert in the process.
  2. Fresh sea air causes good doze
    The sea air is packed with healthy negative ions that boost our ability to absorb oxygen. These negative ions balance the serotonin level, a body chemical that affects mood and stress in our body, making us more relaxed, yet alert and energized. That’s why we always sleep more soundly after spending the day on the beach.
  3. Salt air combats depression and mood disorder
    The negative ions in salt air also lift the emotional state of those who are depressed and suffering from mood disorders. A lot of studies have been done showing that for some people, Negative Ion Therapy, or simply going to the beach, can be the best treatment for these mental health problems.
  4. Sea air boosts immune system
    According to a study done in University of California, the sea air has a lot of free electrons that neutralizes free radicals in our body. The negative ions in it can kill bacteria thus improving the health and immune system of people inhaling it.
  5. Lying on the beach relieves stress
    The heat of the sun on our skin affects our endocrine system. This secretes endorphins in our body that makes us feel relaxed and less stressed.
  6. Basking in the sun cures certain skin diseases
    Controlled amounts of sun rays can be good for those who have psoriasis. The ultra violet radiation of the sun rays help make the skin dry and flaky faster, allowing for new skin to replace the dead ones.
  7. Soaking in the sea heals skin dermatitis
    According to Skin Research and Technology Journal, sea water is good for skin dermatitis. To test this, they compared the results of skin bathed in a sodium lauryl sulphate, a salt compound treatment for rashes, and skin bathed in sea water. The result is that the sea water’s healing effect was far better and faster than the sodium lauryl sulphate. The researchers also found out that seawater increases the elasticity of the skin making it smoother and clearer.