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Reggae Night Grill Chill

reggae night

Against the cool sea breeze and the vibes of reggae tunes, the stars aligned in Boracay for 7th Note Cafe‘s Chill Grill Night last March 13. Guests danced to reggae music, joined the Boracay kids for a friendly game of beach football, and feasted on sumptuous food.

The guests’ palates were delightfully teased with salmon mousse with dill on tomato cups for their amuse bouche. And for the piece de resistance, the guests gorged on a banquet of beef and bean croquettas, deep fried mashed potato with chili con carne, stuffed potato with bacon and salsa, chicken curry kebabs, grilled basil oil-infused vegetable medley skewers, spiced chicken wings, Texas-inspired barbeque chicken wings with homemade chili sauce, burger bites, and sweet and spicy jalapeno stuffed burgers with mango coleslaw on homemade buns, to name a few.

The after dinner party saw guests dancing and singing to the local band’s reggae repertoire. As the night wore on, they even played hula hoops and some classic beach limbo rock.

On that cool Friday night, this corner of Boracay was witness to a celebration of the quintessential island life.