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Paradise Has a Name—Boracay!

When the topic is amazing beaches with a thriving night life, Boracay almost always enters the conversation. It has everything you may be looking for – relaxation, beautiful ocean views, and a wild night out

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image source: ilporticoboracay.net

Boracay is part of the territory of Malay in the province of Aklanand is just a few hours away from the capital town, Kalibo. The island is 2 kms. away from the north-western point of Panay. It consists of three barangays or barrios, namely, Balabag, Yapac, and Manoc-Manoc. The island is still home to its original Ati inhabitants.

There are many stories about where the name came from. Some say it is a derivative of the word borac, which means “cotton” in the vernacular, reflective of the snow-white, fine, and powdery sand found on the island. Others claim that the name came from the words bocay, which means white, and bora which means bubbles. Iberian invaders, however, came to know the place as Buracay, which, during the pre-colonial period, had only 100 inhabitants who planted rice and raised goats.

The island was, and still is, home to the Atis, a cultural minority of the Philippines. Local elite started buying up and acquiring land in the 1900’s, planting coconuts and other greens in the island, allowing for further progress and development.

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Boracay first caught people’s attention in the 70’s when the movie entitled Too Late the Hero was shot on location in the island and other parts of Caticlan, Aklan. The popularity of the island grew steadily, and it soon became a famous destination for backpackers. Its popularity continued to soar in the 80’s, and by the 90’s, Boracay was known as a world class summer destination. It finally won the award for “Best Island in the World” from Travel + Leisure in 2012.

Now, Boracay is internationally known, hosting big events such as the Boracay International Funboard Cup, which is a week-long competition, and the annual Philippine Dragon Boat Federation-sanctioned Dragon Boat races. The Asian Games Festival was supposed to be held in Boracay as well, but the fury of Typhoon Haiyan made this impossible.

Boracay is having so much new infrastructure nowadays, with beach resorts springing up everywhere and millions are spent on the island’s development to ensure better facilities and more accommodation for visitors of the island. With the countless activities Boracay offers – ATV rides, parasailing, horse-back riding, cliff diving, scuba diving, helmet diving, kite boarding, skim boarding, snorkeling, and so much more – it’s no wonder why a trip to Boracay is on many people’s bucket lists.

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You can choose popular island activities in many parts of the island or you can go on a remote trail. The activities can be endless, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie out to get your heart racing, a couple on a romantic getaway, or out for a wholesome vacation with the whole family, everyone will find their favorite activity on the island. All these, combined with beautiful stretches of pristine beaches, good food, and a thriving night life, have certainly made Boracay deserving of all the accolades.