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Nightlife in Boracay Island Resort

Even if the sun has set, the fun in Boracay doesn’t stop. The setting of the sun in Boracay doesn’t signals the start of its pulsating nightlife. Aside from its iconic lovely stretch of powdery white sand beaches against crystal clear azure waters that rival the best beaches of more popular destinations such as the Caribbean, the island paradise of Boracay is also known for its “LIVELY NIGHTLIFE”.

For such a small island, Boracay boasts of numerous restaurants, bars and lounges that offer a number of nightlife options that suits any flavor, from relaxing, chatting and meeting new friends after a day of fun under the sun in laid back places, or listening to classical guitarist or pianist while having romantic candle light dinner to jamming with the local bands while dancing the night away under the stars in one of the many lively beachside bars in the island.

Boracay Nightlife

Most of the Big Beach Resorts in Boracay and other Boracay Luxury Hotel Accommodation offer Live Entertainment.


Generally, White Beach is the hotspot. You can start from the northern end of White Beach and go south and see 24-hour entertainment places. There is entertainment and music almost every night somewhere on Boracay Island.

With basses pumping, streaks of light pulsating with the beat, and energy rising, get ready to immerse yourself in the Boracay’s best night spots.


“BORACAY BARS”  – Options to Consider


  • Club Paraw

Located along the beach, Club Paraw in Boracay is well-known as one of the premiere concert and party scenes on the island, famous for its perfect fusion of great food and great music, making for a fascinating dining and partying experience. Mats and pillows are available where you can sit back, drink and enjoy the music or sit on one of its famous attraction, their low bamboo stools while being serve with iced cold drinks while watching a fire dance.

  • Cocomangas Shooter Bar

located near station 1, this bar is famous for its “Still standing after 15” drinking challenge. Cocomangas is also known for serving the best pizza & mango shakes on the island as well as its local favorite known as the Illusion Shaker, a blue cocktail of legendary proportions.

  • Hey Jude

Located in Station 2, White Beach, Hey Jude is one of the most popular clubs to go to for chilled music, loud dance, great food and a good variety of cool cocktails, a partygoer’s haven. This bar is also popular for its very attracting atmosphere, long happy hour and the best thin-crust pizza on the island.

  • Fridays Boracay

Located in White Beach, North End, Fridays Boracay is a classic bar famous for its all day dining, themed dinner, Friday night buffet, seafood grill, extensive selection of booze spirits and wines from different parts of the world and 3 ethnic and cultural dance shows every week with fire dance.

And if you want to see and experience the best in Boracay, especially a luxurious and relaxing hotel accommodation in Boracay, then stay at 7STONES BORACAY. Located in a peaceful and serene area in Bulabog, it has well-designed and well-appointed apartments and suites that will surely satisfy and amaze your taste. Plus, they also cater to a lot of the beach and marine adventures that have been mentioned above so staying there can mean convenience and security as their staff will take care of your activities.

You can enjoy a wonderful RELAXING and LUXURIOUS Holiday at 7Stones Boracay and still enjoy the night life of White Beach which is a 5 minute walk from beach to beach.  Don’t forget to try the Hidden Restaurant, 7th Note Café .  This is a wonderful little restaurant within 7Stones Boracay.

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