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Key Qualities of a Good Hotel in Boracay

The destination might always be the main highlight of every trip, but what makes it memorable is the total experience collected throughout the journey. Hotels, more than being just hotels serve as your home away from home and is absolutely something that every traveler is looking forward to after a long day of exploration. In this article, we’ve rounded up factors that we think determine a good one to stay and reasons why we think they are significant!

1. Location

key qualuties

You went for a vacation to explore. And what better way to maximize your stay than being able to access every possible activity and entertainment spot easily? Choosing a hotel that is situated in a prime area will reduce the time spent going to and from places, and provides a lesser probability of getting lost.

Searching for landmarks around the vicinity prior to the trip will help you get familiar with the area. Several resorts, like 7Stones Boracay, place a map on their website that serves as a quick guide to travellers.

2. Ambiance


The increase usage of social media has made people become particular when it comes to aesthetics, and this has always been a major concern for anyone who treat her Instagram feed like a baby. The ambiance of a hotel definitely sets the mood and it can either make you want to stay longer or fast forward to the day you’ll be checking out.

Doing a comparison with other hotels will solidify your decision on which type of hotel you would like to stay in – a modern minimalist and luxurious resort like 7Stones Boracay, or a colourful, low-cost inn?

3. Service

excellent service

If there’s one thing that should be non-negotiable among the factors that has to be considered when choosing a hotel, it has got to be the service. Hotel staff that are pleasant and accommodating is very important as they are probably the ones whom you’re going to interact with the most. Having someone you can easily approach will give you confidence to try everything that you can and will truly make you feel at home.

Reading through reviews will give you an overview of what kind of service you can expect from the hotel. 7Stones Boracay has placed a widget on their website so anyone can have a quick read on what people has to say about their service, and so far – good! The Department of Tourism regards it as a premier resort, giving it a 4-Star rating. It has also won the 2016 Traveller’s Choice Award by Trip Advisor.

4. Amenities


Some are probably not particular with the amenities being offered by the hotel but doing well in this aspect is also a plus. Sure, people on vacation are ultimately after the destination but there will always be downtimes and the café and poolside are almost always the perfect areas to kill it, not to mention be featured on Instagram and Snapchat!

Browsing photos and videos posted on social media serve as testimonials about the place! 7Stones Boracay’ website has a gallery of photos and you can even do a virtual tour!

5. Food and Drinks

food and drinks

While lunches, snacks and dinners are almost always consumed outside, most people (if not all) wouldn’t go out of the hotel without having breakfast. Starting the day with a savoury breakfast at the restaurant with good selections will definitely make your happy hormones come out!

A lot of blogs include Food and Drinks as one of the topics in their reviews and stories told from first-hand experiences are always helpful.

So whenever you travel to the beautiful island of Boracay, remember to keep in mind these factors to make your stay even more special. Every trip is unique on its own but having good experiences for each of the abovementioned will surely make it extra memorable!