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Chinese New Year in Boracay

chinese new year in boracay

Image courtesy of www.phtravelexpress.com

Chinese New Year is a grand event in Boracay. It transforms the island to a modern paradise with flickers of Asian traditions. We’ve rounded up the events and cuisines that you should look forward to once you step on the island for the Chinese New Year.

Celebrations are Intense  

chinese new year

Image courtesy of http://boracaystories.com/

Boracay locals and tourists prepare for this holiday. As the number of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean tourists spike during this season, tourists’ energy and vibeecho those of the locals. They are one in preparing for the festivities.

From the moment that you step on the white beaches of Boracay, you’ll feel the intensity of the celebration. There are Chinese decors everywhere—in every hotel, sand sculptures and sometimes, even commemorative drinks just for the occasion.

Splendid Chinese Buffet Spread


Foodies lining up to have a taste of 7th Note Cafe’s scrumptious buffet. Image courtesy of 7th Note Cafe

Hotels and restaurants prepare for this event. They have special Chinese menus that only come out during this time—you may want to try their world-class cuisines while you’re on the island.

The Sky Becomes a Backlit Canopy of Fireworks

new year

Image courtesy of www.panoramio.com

What’s a Chinese New Year celebration without fireworks and dragon dance? During this momentus event, Boracay’s skyline becomes a black canvass for different colors and sparklers. Coupled with energy from the dragon dance and cheers from the crowd, it is a sight to behold.

Kiss under the moonlight or toast to celebrate a New Year together in this lucky island!