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Boracay Island Travel Tips for Holiday Season

With this holiday season, you may already be thinking about having your vacation particularly in Boracay Island Resort. And if you are already there, take note that you have to take the necessary precautionary measures to make your vacation positively memorable.

BORACAY is known to be really sunny and warm so you have to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and other liquids. Alcohol, though liquid in form, dehydrates the body so this is not a substitute for water. Stick to fruit juices and Gatorade. Also, make sure you bring with you sun protection to prevent getting sunburned and developing the risk of having skin cancer.

boracay travel tips

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You should also keep a number of the Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic at tel. (036) 288-6357. They have a doctor on call 24 hours who will provide you excellent medical care. Take also the number of the police station which is (166) 288-3066.

Though it is technically illegal to hire a companion during your stay in the Boracay island resort, it is still tolerated subject to the time and location. Just be careful with who you ask. Do not accept any offer of a boy or a girl from a tricycle driver. You will be exposing yourself to theft and robbery.

Additionally, make sure you are careful with the things you leave in your room. There have already been reports of guests losing their things.

Stay away from midnight beach romance. Security is not assured here and you may end up making a memorable night because you had been robbed.

Always bring insect repellants as there may be insects that you are not used to. Mosquitoes may me breeding around the island.

Though the Boracay island resort is considered a top tourist destination, you should still not be too complacent with the area. Take extra care. To be sure, stay at 7Stones Boracay to have that ultimately relaxing vacation.


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