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Boracay in the Rainy Season – Why Go?

When the monsoon season hits, most people would cross Boracay off their lists of places to go. Which makes sense – why go to the beach when it’s all rainy, gloomy, and sun-less? Thankfully, Boracay offers more than fun in the sun. The island is lush with things to do, both in the water and outside of it! Read on and see why people travel to Boracay even in the off-peak monsoon season.

1. Stuff your luggage with souvenirs!

Boracay isn’t all about white, sandy beaches or cerulean waters. It’s also a great place to shop for summerwear, quirky souvenirs, and uber-yummy snacks. With the off-peak monsoon season, you can manage to great some great deals on a lot of stuff, as long as you haggle right. What’s great is that you won’t have to go far to get to the best shopping stops in Boracay. D’Mall and Crafts of Boracay, two of the best shopping places in the island, are both less than a kilometer away from 7Stones Boracay!

2. Explore watersports!

When it’s wet everywhere, there’s no reason to not dabble in watersports! The monsoon brings excitement to the island with its swells and bellows. Cruise through the waters in a jetski and live out your James Bond fantasies, or take to the skies and go parasailing! If you’re feeling brave, take advantage of the bigger waves and go wakeboarding. There’s no shortage of wet and wild fun during the monsoon. If you want to go on these adrenaline adventures in Boracay, ask your friendly staff at 7Stones Boracay and they’ll get your right there.

3. Eat like you’re preparing to hibernate!


When you’re in the best beach island in the country, you know there’s gonna be good food everywhere. So indulge yourself during this quiet season and hit up 7th Note Café, one of Boracay’s most famous restaurants, where dishes all around the world await your hungry belly. If you’d rather go a little more personal, drop by D’Talipapa market for the freshest catch of the day and cook up a storm in our suites’ fully-stocked, high-class kitchens. Have it any way you want!

4. Explore the rougher side of Boracay!

Got that wanderlust? Itching to see new and Instagram-worthy places? The island has many of those – if you’re willing to get a little dirty. Ask your friendly service staff at 7Stones Boracay about ATV and mountain bike tours. The island has a wealth of rough trails you can breeze through in a buggy or a bike, leading to picturesque scenes you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Great things come to those who explore!

5. Stay in.

stay in

The monsoon season in the Philippines can be unpredictable – sometimes, you just have to stay in. And that’s not a problem in Boracay’s best premiere residence, cause there’s no shortage of fun things to do right here in 7Stones Boracay. Stay in your suite and binge-watch Netflix or do a Facebook Live session with our super-fast WiFi connections. Order a bottle of bubbly and take a relaxing dip in your personal Jacuzzi. Maybe get a nice, long massage before dinner at the sumptuous 7th Note Café!

The off-peak monsoon season brings with it a host of disadvantages, but there’s a lot of good things about it yet. Besides everything listed above, there’s also more room, less noise, and cheaper flights – which all boils down to a more convenient stay for many people. So don’t wait; get ready for the off-peak season and book with 7Stones Boracay right now!