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7 stones boracay best price image Come and Join in Boracay Island Food Festival

The Philippines is one unique place of rich culture, traditions, and, of course, great and amazing people. It is an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, and one of them is Boracay, which is located in the province of Aklan, in the western part of the country.

The Boracay Beach Resort is, no doubt, among the best places to see at practically anytime of the year. This island paradise is highly recommended for people who love to be close to nature, enjoy white sandy beaches, and indulge in the many aquatic activities.

One other great thing about the Filipino people, particularly those from Boracay, is that they love food and they really love to eat. That is why it is not a wonder that the Boracay Island Food Festival is celebrated in this beautiful paradise.

If you want to taste and be exposed to the different and finest food delicacies of Filipinos, then you should come and partake in this Boracay Island Food Festival, which is held from May 11 to 13 each year. In this festival, you will get to have a taste of such fine food that are uniquely Filipino, as well as bear witness to how they prepare these cuisines.

If you are staying at a Boracay Island Hotel, you can simply hail a tricycle—the main mode of transportation around the island—and tell the driver that you want to go to the food fiesta.


What Can You See at the Festival?

If you are not familiar with the fiestas of the Filipinos where varied dishes and cuisines overflow for everyone to try, then this you should definitely see. There is much merrymaking, and people dance to the music. Singing and dancing are among the favorite activities of Filipinos, and you will surely enjoy it there.

One activity or highlight that you should witness is the competition among the finest cooks on the island. They will prepare their own recipes, and when these are done, they serve these to the people for tasting. The dishes served range from traditional to modern. The most popular dishes like kare-kare, pansit molo, and other original Filipino recipes are surely available. There is also the famous adobo, which is a traditional dish of pork or chicken flavored with soy sauce, garlic, and pepper.

You should also not miss the lechon or suckling pig that is roasted to perfection with a crispy skin.

The prices of the dishes vary. However, much of the food is very affordable while some are even given for free tastings.

Other festivals in Boracay include the Beach Reggae Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Boracay International Beach Festival, and the Ati-Atihan Festival.

While you stay in Boracay for the food festival, book your accommodation at 7Stones Boracay, a Boracay island hotel located in the quiet and peaceful area of Bulabog Beach.

You will be served by its exceptional and well-trained staff; they will surely provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing stay on the island. Plus, 7Stones has several luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool and well-appointed rooms, and 7th note café, its onsite restaurant.


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  • Ren

    I have already been 1 million tourists who have arrived in Boracay since last year. Furthermore, a giant cruise ship already docked off the shore of Boracay and brought tourists to its white sandy beaches last year.

    8:51 am August 20, 2018