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5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve on the Beach

New Year’s Eve is a time for parties and celebrations of every kind. Make the coming year even more special by celebrating it at the beach. Here are 5 of the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve by the beach!

1. Island-Hop and Watch Fire Dancers in Boracay

Aside from its picturesque white sand beaches, Boracay in the Philippines is a popular place for partying on New Year’s Eve!

fire dancer in boracay

image source: 7stonesboracay.com

In the afternoon, you can go on an island-hopping cruise and by dinnertime, you’ll be dropped off at one of the island’s restaurants that offer Moroccan, Mexican, Italian, or local cuisine. You can then spend the whole night drinking cocktails and watching fire dancers with the grandest fireworks displays as backdrop, to usher in the New Year!

2. Spend a Festive Evening in Copacabana

merdi gras

image source: marpop.com

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is home to the famous Copacabana Beach. During New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras presentations happen, cocktails are served, and a fantastic fireworks display can be seen—making the place all the more alive and colorful!

There are also loads of beach hotels in the area that can help you enjoy the displays without having to go out, if that’s your thing.

3. Experience a Different Kind of Masquerade in the Bahamas


image source: farm5.static.flickr.com

New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Bahamas start on December 26 and end at 2AM on January one—so you can expect that there really is a lot to see and experience!

The Junkanoo Parades at the beach, especially in Nassau, is one of the most glorious things you’ll ever see in your life. The participants wear colorful masks and play drums and cowbells made of goat skin. This tradition has been followed for centuries now. You not only get to celebrate the New Year, you get to learn and experience the history of the Bahamas, too!

One of the most beautiful beach provinces in the world, Cape Town, South Africa is home to the Cape Ministrel Carnival, also known as Kaapse Klopse. The festival is held not only on New Year’s Eve, but during the entire months of January and February.

On New Year’s Eve, people in colorful costumes participate in various singing and dancing competitions. There are lots of parades and fireworks displays to see, and you can frolic in the beach while the festivities are unfolding.

5. Watch the Miami Ball Drop in Biscayne Bay

bicayne bay

image source: delightfull.eu

You think the historic ball drop only happens in Times Square? Well, Miami has its own version of it—and it happens in Biscayne Bay!

Because the city is known for its colorful and festive nightlife, you can expect that New Year’s Eve in Miami is anything but boring. Choose from any of the clubs or exclusive venues by the bay and get to see some of the world’s best artists perform (past events were graced by Fall Out Boy, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull, among others)—and join the countdown for the New Year with their very own ball drop!

Go check out these places, and usher in the New Year in style – by the beach!