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5 Unique Beach Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while most people would opt for a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, and perhaps a movie, you can make Valentine’s more meaningful for you and the one you love!

How? Well, by spending time at the beach, for one.

This article will present 5 unique beach date ideas to make your Valentine’s celebration an occasion you will not easily forget.

Watch the sunrise


image source : www.vagabondish.com

A lot of people are fans of the sunset, but the sunrise has its own unique allure, too.

For a quiet Valentine’s celebration, you can go walking along the beach at the break of dawn. For sure, there wouldn’t be a lot of people around–and witness the magical colors of the sky as the sun rises. You will feel something special about watching the beginning of a new day together while celebrating love! You can then top it all off with a hearty breakfast!

Hang a hammock


image source : www.tophammock.org

Hammocks aren’t exclusively used for napping or sleeping. You can also sit on one with your significant other, while  munching on some nachos and sipping refreshing fruit smoothies, or just talking and reflecting about anything under the sun. It’s a fresh, laidback take on Valentine’s Day–and it would surely help you forget about your worries, even for a while.

Be like kids

playing beach

image source : www.westportnow.com

How often in a year can you spend time with the one you love and act like kids? You may have a lot of responsibilities in life, but on Valentine’s Day, forget about them for a while. Play beach volleyball, run along the shore, and eat jello, carrot sticks, pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, and the classic PB&J while sitting by the beach!

Surely, it’s a good way to momentarily escape from your stress-filled life, and just spend quality time with the one you love!

Play the glow game

led play game

image source : nj1015.com

Buy some glow sticks and glow paint. Put some glow on shells or balls, and play with them on the beach! You can also put some glow on yourselves while running or walking along the shores. Glow can really make anyone’s night, well, literally glow, so it’s a fun alternative to movies or fancy restaurants!

To top off the fun evening, you can put some glow inside balloons, then let the balloons go up in the air as you make your wishes together. It’ll be romantic and unforgettable!

An Enchanted Evening

romantic beach

image source : www.skyhdwallpaper.com

Finally, why don’t you set up a nice, romantic nighttime picnic for you and your date? Prepare the picnic blanket, cook your partner’s favorite food, and then serve with chocolate-covered strawberries, cheese slices, and some good old wine!

Afterwards, go and serenade your partner with a song that means much to both of you. You don’t have to be perfect or be a great singer–what matters is that you sing from the heart because that would mean more than anything else in the world.

Try these unique ideas, and you’ll surely be able to create the best beach Valentine date for you and your partner!