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4 Things To Consider When Scouting Venues for Important Business Meetings

4 things to consider

In any business, pursuing a potential client is always a challenge. Once you’ve found your client, the next step is to discover their specific need. Preliminary meetings and coordination generally consist of emails, phone calls, and the occasional visit to their office. For certain industries, this can be an exciting experience.

I remember being tasked with looking for a venue for an important business meeting for a high profile prospect with our marketing team. Being a back office staff, I needed to support the company’s goal of bagging the deal. Was I successful? I was! But how did I do it?

Client Profile
It is important to know our client’s preferences and life style. When meeting high profile prospects, we need to source a venue that the client will find interesting. It does not matter if he considers our presentation a second priority. What matters is that he agrees to come!

Venue Accessibility
The chosen venue should be accessible by various means of transportation – air, sea, or land. Though high profile client prospects generally travel with their own plane or yacht, they would surely appreciate having a safe and proper area to land or dock on. If they opt to take commercial planes, the venue should have shuttle services to ferry clients to and from the airport.

Venue Ambience and Comfort
The chosen venue should exude an atmosphere of safety, comfort, and ease. Venues with breathtaking sceneries encourage creativity and focus. The venue should be supported by hospitable staff whose sole purpose is to provide their guests with the highest level of courtesy and service.

Venue Food and Facilities
From breakfast to a midnight repast, the venue should have adequate dining facilities and a menu to look forward to. Do remember that work hours take up only a third of a day. Another third is spent resting, thus, room accommodations should be comfy, secure, and cosy. The rooms should be enticing enough that the guest will want to linger and perhaps return for a longer stay.
My years of work taught me that the best places are always those which cater specifically for vacations. But what makes them unique is that they also possess facilities for quiet and focused business meetings. So, have you visited 7 Stones Boracay? You should!