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4 Romantic Ways to Propose at the Beach

Photo credit: http://suite.io/alice-ladkin/The year 2014 has been a year for love and engagements. If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning on proposing to your special someone too and you want to know how to get her to say “yes.”

One of the best places to do this is, of course, the beach. Here are some creative suggestions for a romantic engagement proposal at the beach.


The message in a bottle

message in bottle

image source: blogs.yis.ac.jp

Take your partner on a picnic at the beach around the romantic hours of dusk or early dawn. While you’re basking in the sun and chatting about life, love, and family, pretend you saw something along the shoreline. You tell her that you want to check it out and you go there to “investigate.” Take this opportunity and pull out the small bottle from your pocket with a note that you prepared earlier. Show her the bottle and ask her to read the note out loud. As she reads it, pull out the ring and give her time to connect the dots. Now all you have to do is get on your knees and give her the ring.

Write your heart in the sand

hearts day

image source: boracaysun.com

Picture this. Its sunset, the two of you are walking along the shore hand-in-hand, listening to the rolling waves as the gentle breeze blows around you. While walking, you come to a spot where there seems to be something written in the sand and pretend that you haven’t seen this before (although you’re the one who wrote it there earlier). Let your partner read the message. As soon as she’s done reading, pull her closer to you, take the ring box out of your pocket and pop the magic question.

Bury your proposal in a treasure chest

chest proposal

image source: saraporle.wordpress.com

You have to plan this one with a friend or a staff at the boracay hotel you’re staying. Put your engagement ring in a treasure chest and bury it in the sand somewhere secluded in the beach. The chest should be sticking out of the sand so that you can spot it. You have to ask someone you trust to watch over it until both of you get there. Next, suggest that the two of you have a romantic stroll somewhere near the “buried treasure.” When you get to the spot, ask your partner what she thinks it might be and encourage her to dig it out of the sand. Once she opens it and finds the ring, tell her that you treasure her and ask her to marry you.

Say it over a bonfire

bonefire wedding

Pick an isolated part of the beach where the wind is mild and high tide won’t reach. Set up the bonfire and maybe a couple of drinks. Snuggle up to your partner in front of the burning fire and talk about how that fire is very much like how she sets your heart on fire every time you look at her. And that you want to keep that fire burning for the rest of your life.