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15 Tips to Beat the Holiday Travel Madness

Some people choose to travel during the holiday season, and while that may be fun, it’s also important to keep certain guidelines in mind so that you will have hassle-free holidays—and so you get to enjoy your trip more!

1. Do your research.


First and foremost, you have to research about the country or place that you’re going to. Know when peak days are, and try to understand their culture a bit. Know what you’re supposed to wear, and say. Know where you’re supposed to go. Remember that as a visitor, you have to somehow try to fit in.

2. Apply for global entry or pre-check.


These will reduce your wait time at the airport, and will you make the most out of your time. This is now available in 118 airports worldwide. All you have to do is fill up an application form at tsa.gov, show proof of citizenship and a valid ID and you’re all set!

3. Look for direct flights.

direct flights

Mostly, you can opt for flights that leave in the morning. These are usually posted during midnight, and will help you get the cheapest rates without sacrificing comfort during your flight.

4. Get better seats!


Sign up on expertflyer.com and be able to switch seats for the coveted spots (i.e., exit row, window, and aisle). You can also try TripitPro which allows you to get not just one seat, but up to 4 seats if you’re traveling with your family.

5. Pack light.


As they say, it’s hard to travel when you have too much baggage. Pack light. Bring only the clothes you need, and essentials such as sunscreen, and underwear, and some medicines—that’s it. You don’t have to bring your whole house with you!

6. Bring earplugs.

ear plug

Not only will you be able to listen to music or watch movies without interruption, it’s also a good way of tuning out unnecessary noise—especially those related to turbulence—so you’d enjoy your trip without being scared or anything.

7. Make sure your gadgets have been properly charged.

mobile charger

Airports and airlines may levy charging fees, so make sure that your phones, tablets, and other gadgets are all juiced up!

8. Use all available resources.


In case your flight gets canceled or postponed, and you know you can book another flight, make sure to call the airline right away; or that you have apps that will help you switch flights.

9. Book a great room.

book a room

Even if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to settle for less. You can still book a great room! Try booking via Expedia, Booking.com, or Agoda!

10. Bring snacks.

These will keep you satiated and in a good mood before your flight, or while on the way to your hotel. You can also make use of instant delivery apps such as FoodPanda or Looloo to make sure you get great food delivered at your hotel!

11. Try package deals.

package deal

Instead of just booking for a flight, why not get one with a room booking, too? It’s an easy way of making sure you have somewhere to stay after your flight.

12. Make use of Uber—or rent a car instead.


Some people may try to scam you while traveling in an unfamiliar place, so try renting a car or just looking for an Uber via the app to make sure you get around safely.

13. Leave early.

alarm clock

Don’t be late for your flight—no one’s going to wait for you. Arriving early would also help you make sure that you know what’s going on.

14. Don’t travel when the weather isn’t clear.

bad weather

Emergencies and calamities happen. You are not immune to bad weather—don’t try to go on a flight when you know it isn’t safe.

15. And, relax and enjoy.

beach day

Just enjoy your trip. Don’t think too much, and bask in the Christmas joy! It only happens once a year—make it worthwhile!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a happy, fuss-free trip! Enjoy!

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