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15 Christmas Themed Beverages to Excite your Senses this Holiday Season

Christmas is a season of giving—and drinking, too! However, it does not necessarily mean that the beverages have to be laced with alcohol. You can make drinks that are fun and exciting—without them making you tipsy!

Here are some of the drinks that you can try:

 1. Cranberry and Ginger Holiday Punch


With red being the color of Christmas, this one has the right amount of zest—and spice—that make it really flavorful! It’s best to make this beverage one day before serving to allow the flavors to meld. It’s quite an interesting drink that you and your friends should try.

 2. Lemon Avocado Milkshake

lemon avocado

image source : www.kawalingpinoy.com

Milkshakes can be exciting if you have the right mix of ingredients at hand—and this one will surely help you make the best milkshakes ever! With avocado, lemon, and a scoop of ice cream, this sweet and citrusy concoction is one that even kids would certainly enjoy!

 3. Apple Strawberry Lemon Cooler

apple strawberry lemon

image source : www.food.com

f you’re going to serve some drinks for an afternoon Christmas celebration, you have to try this one out. With a combination of strawberries, lemons, and apples, you’ll be transported to the sea, and be reminded of summer—even on Christmas Day! Surely, it would make those extra cold days a little warmer!

 4. Dreamy Orange Punch

dreamy orange punch

One of the easiest beverages you can make, this one is a mix of orange juice, ginger ale, and orange sherbet—making it creamy and enticing at the same time! It’s perfect for those Christmas parties and celebrations with family and friends.

 5. Melon Sago Coolers

melon sago coolers

Sago is one of those Filipino drinks that are loved my many. It’s refreshing, it’s soothing, and has just the right amount of sweetness. When mixed with melon, it could be a great reminder of the lovely tropical islands of the Philippines! You can make some by following the recipe!

 6. Special Gulaman Samalamig (Black Jelly/Agar-Agar Drink)

special gulaman sa malamig

Another traditional Filipino cooler, gulaman samalamig is made of Asian gelatin (agar-agar), vanilla extract, and sugar that give it a distinct taste that you’d surely want to drink over and over again! It’s perfect for Filipino-themed Christmas parties, too!

 7. Floating Island Punch

floating island punch

Now, here’s another festive holiday drink that’s not only easy on the eyes, it’s truly delicious, too! It has lemonade, orange juice, orange sherbet, maraschino cherries, and are topped with orange and cherry slices that make it an exciting drink.

 8. Strawberry Gulaman

straw berry gulaman

Give gulaman an exciting twist with the help of strawberries! The color would remind you of Christmas, and the taste would make you feel like a child again. Serve this in one of your family reunions and people would definitely come back for more!

 9. Minty Raspberry Lemonade

raspberry lemonade

This sophisticated drink is perfect for Holiday nights-out with the people you love, just talking about how life has been, and what you all can look forward to. With lemon, lime, raspberries, and mint, this cool drink is definitely perfect for the cold season.

 10. Coco Banana Fruit Fairy

coco banana fruit

Made with bananas, coconuts, pineapples, and vanilla, and named as such because it’s believed to make one feel light and happy, this one is simple to make, but even easier to enjoy!

 11. Lemon Grass and Pandan Iced Tea

lemon grass and pandan iced tea

Simple yet sophisticated, this iced tea is laced with pandan, calamansi, and lemon grass that give it that citrusy, cool goodness. It’s one of those drinks that your family and friends would truly enjoy!

12. Honey Grapefruit Orange Punch

honey grape and orange

Honey is sweet, sure, but orange, grapefruit, and lemon can balance it out! This punch has that unique tangy but awesome feel that would make you and people of all ages love it!

 13. Delightful Dalandan Shake

dalandan shake

Dalandan is one of those fruits that’s unique to the Philippines. It’s like a combination of orange, lemon, and lime—and is quite soothing and refreshing, too! With a bit of sugar, this one is sure to make those Christmas days a whole lot brighter!

 14. Wonderful Watermelon Shake

watermelon shake

No matter what time of year it is, watermelon always proves to be refreshing. It’s cool and gives that Christmassy tropical vibe that’s truly one of a kind!

15. Fruity Frosted Cocktail

Fruity Frosted Cocktail

image source : singlemindedwomen.com

And last but not the least is this frosted mix of calamansi and pineapples—very tropical, but still cool and Christmassy! People you’ll mingle with this season will certainly love it!

Try these drinks, and Christmas will certainly be more fun and enjoyable!