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10 Celebrities Who Kitesurf

Kitesurfing is an enjoyable watersport that not only helps one ban inhibitions, it’s also good for one’s health as it exercises the muscles and strengthens balance and flexibility! It’s also one of the top things to do in Boracay, and ordinary people, as well as celebrities enjoy it.

Speaking of celebrities, have you ever wondered who among them actually kitesurf? Well, wonder no more! Read on and find out!

  1. Prince William of Wales
prince william

Yep, Prince William himself is a big fan of Kitesurfing!

He’s especially fond of it when he’s in the Maldives, and Seychelles, and has often been photographed enjoying the said sport. Hey, if the future King does it, why can’t you, right?

  1. Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales is one of the Philippines’ most popular actors, and is quite the matinee idol, too!

Aside from surfing, he’s also a fan of Kitesurfing, and even had fun doing it a few days before his wedding to Model-Blogger Kim Jones! Rosales specifically enjoys kitesurfing in Bulabog Beach, which is a part of BoracayIsland, and is known for being the best kitesurfing destination in the area!

  1. Edita Vilkeviciute


Well, don’t bother about what her last name is. This Victoria’s Secret angel proves that angels are sea creatures, too! Edita loves swimming, as well as kitesurfing—which probably could be the secret to her svelte bod!

  1. John Kerry
john kerry

Yes! Even one-time Presidential Candidate John Kerry has admitted that he loves kitesurfing, and has been photographed enjoying the said watersport over the years. In fact, his kitesurfing prowess is one of the reasons the youth admire him as it makes him look hip and trendy!

  1. Sir Richard Branson
richard banson

One of the most famous photographs of celebrities kitesurfing is that of Sir Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands with his girlfriend, supermodel Denni Parkinson naked on his back! Sexy indeed!

  1. Brad Pitt
brad pitt

Forever hunk and Angelina’s better half, Brad Pitt definitely hasn’t slowed down! One of his favorite pastimes is kitesurfing in Anguilla.

Who knows? You might see him the next time you’re there!

  1. Iya Villania

Iya Villania is a well-loved Filipina host and actress who lives quite an adventurous, sports-oriented life with her husband, TV host Drew Arellano.

One of the things they love to do is kitesurfing—and they make sure that they do it in Boracay, because the waves and wind are just perfect!

  1. Edward Norton
edward norton

If Brad does it, of course, his Fight Club co-star does, too!

Edward Norton is often photographed in the beaches of Maui and Malibu as he enjoys kitesurfing, and other watersports, as well!

  1. Ricky Martin
ricky martin

He bangs…He Bangs!

And well, he kitesurfs, too!The Latino superstar makes sure that he keeps his body in shape and his health in check by Kitesurfing at beaches all over the world!

  1. Jean Chretain

And last but not the least is Ex-Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretain who didn’t let old age (he was 79 when he started!) distract him from trying to learn kitesurfing in the beaches of North Carolina!

There you have it!

The next time you’re in a Boracay beach resort, make sure that you try kitesurfing. It’s fun and entertaining—and definitely good for your health!