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Having Fun with Kitesurfing


Having Fun with Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an exciting activity that involves a combination of other sporting skills: surfing, kiteflying, and wakeboarding. Did you know that Boracay’s Bulabog Beach is known as the best kite surfing location in Asia? It’s the perfect place to kite surf because of its strong winds and its shallow blue waters where you can cruise in.

If you wish to do kitesurfing, here are some necessities to take note of:

1)   Learn Kitesurfing Basics for your Safety

It’s best to have supervision if you’re a beginner kitesurfer. Since you’ll be doing this close to shore, you would want to make sure that not only you will be safe from harm, but innocent beach goers as well.

Find a certified kite boarding instructor who you can learn from. Since this is a sport that combines a lot of techniques, while you can definitely enjoy it easily, taking time to ensure your safety is necessary.

2)   Check your fitness

When doing kitesurfing, it’s required to be at least moderately physically fit. It doesn’t take a lot of strength, but it requires core power, balance and coordination. You’ll be combining multiple sporting skills and are working with forces of nature like the water and the wind. Your body should be ready for all these to fully enjoy the sport and to avoid harming others on the beach as well.

3)   Choose the right kite


Choosing the right gear is necessary in kitesurfing. If you’re just starting, it’s better to try it out several times before deciding on investing in purchasing your own gear. It’s better to consult professionals in order to find the kind of kite that’ll suit you best.

According to MACkite Boarding, for beginners, it’s suggested that your kite should be:

· “Sized for winds under 20 knots based on your weight”

· “Lots of depower in the bar throw”

· “At least 98% depower from the safety system. Most brands now have 100%”

· “Easy relaunch”

· “Stable flying- moves intentionally, not too responsive”

· “Move upwind easily”

These are just simple reminders for your first, if not next, kiteboarding session. Enjoy the water and the wind. Have a safe and fun ride!

play harder

Your Guide to LaBoracay 2016: Tips for a Fun-Filled Labor Day Weekend


Your Guide to LaBoracay 2016: Tips for a Fun-Filled Labor Day Weekend

It’s no secret that LaBoracay is one of the most awaited events on the island of Boracay for the whole year. Happening on Labor Day Weekend  (April 29 to May 2), it’s a fun-filled weekend full of fun and exciting activities ranging from beach volleyball games, boodle fights, and of course, endless parties!

If you’re planning to join LaBoracay this year, keep these things in mind and you’ll surely have a great time.

Play hard, party harder

play harder

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LaBoracay isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a lot of things going on: those Nestea Beach Volley games, marathons, the intense EDM sounds blaring from the DJ’s docks, and so many parties. In short, you have to be prepared to mingle with people, forget about your worries, and just have a fun time—you’d have real long nights, so just catch up on sleep in the morning!

Don’t bring too many things outside

As aforementioned, you’d have a lot of activities to do—so don’t bring all your things outside. This way, you could also protect yourself from being robbed, or from not fully enjoying your time because you’re worrying about the contents of your bags. Don’t wear expensive accessories, too.

Stay hydrated—and keep safe from the sun

Even if you’ll be spending a lot of time under the sun, make sure that you don’t suffer from heat allergies, or worse, heat stroke, by keeping yourself hydrated. Bring some mineral water, or alkaline ion drinks with you. If you have fruit-infused water, that’s good, too. And of course, don’t forget to slather some SPF 45 lotion so you could protect yourself from the sun. If the sun is too high, wear shades, caps or hats so you won’t get crazy headaches and sore eyes.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people

meet new people

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You’re in LaBoracay—there’s no reason for you to be shy. Who knows? That person you think is intimidating could be someone who’s looking for a friend, too! Those people who are doing the same things as you are? Maybe, you have a lot of things in common—and you could be party buddies for life! Open up and don’t stay in your own little corner each time—you’ll be surprised at the great things this could bring into your life!

Find time to rest

find time to rest

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You don’t have to spend all your time outside, either. During downtimes, you can spend time in your chosen Boracay Beach Resort, lie in bed for a bit, have something to eat, and just chill out—then you can join your preferred activities or parties!

Clean Up

clean up

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And finally, don’t forget to clean up. Don’t throw trash on the beach—and if you see some lying around, take the initiative to clean them up. It won’t hurt your soul, and will actually make you a more responsible traveler.

Partying doesn’t mean that you have to forget to take care of yourself. By being a responsible traveler, you’d surely be able to enjoy LaBoracay the best way you could!