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Preparing to Dive: Diving 101


Preparing to Dive: Diving 101

The beautiful blue waters of Boracay is indeed a tempting sight.  Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner diver, ample preparation is necessary to ensure your safety and to get the most fun out of your dive:

Do you have your certification card with you?


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Most dive shops will be asking for your certification. Make sure that you have your certification card to avoid any problems in getting permission to dive.

How are your current diving skills?

If you haven’t dived in a long time, it’s important to take a refresher. Do you remember how to put your diving gear together properly? Do you remember the proper diving signals? It’s important to be confident that you’re prepared for unexpected diving situations underwater. It’s key that you’re fit to be a good diving buddy!

Is your gear complete?

equipments diving

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Have a list of all your gears. Never dive if something’s missing! Always check yourself from head to foot. Be a good diving buddy and make sure that your partner has all his or hers too!

Listen to safety briefings!

Briefings will always bring in necessary dive safety information before going into the water. You’ll be diving into a force of nature and it can be very unpredictable! Make sure that you listen carefully to the divemaster’s instructions and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any.

Communicate well with your buddy

Are you aware of the dive plan? Is the plan clear with the both of you? Make sure that you’re aware of the depths and spots that you’ll be exploring. It’s important that those left above water know when to expect you back to the surface. In case of an emergency, this information can help greatly!


Life underwater is indeed amazing and extraordinary. Keep calm, always be aware and enjoy every moment of it!

Having Fun with Kitesurfing


Having Fun with Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an exciting activity that involves a combination of other sporting skills: surfing, kiteflying, and wakeboarding. Did you know that Boracay’s Bulabog Beach is known as the best kite surfing location in Asia? It’s the perfect place to kite surf because of its strong winds and its shallow blue waters where you can cruise in.

If you wish to do kitesurfing, here are some necessities to take note of:

1)   Learn Kitesurfing Basics for your Safety

It’s best to have supervision if you’re a beginner kitesurfer. Since you’ll be doing this close to shore, you would want to make sure that not only you will be safe from harm, but innocent beach goers as well.

Find a certified kite boarding instructor who you can learn from. Since this is a sport that combines a lot of techniques, while you can definitely enjoy it easily, taking time to ensure your safety is necessary.

2)   Check your fitness

When doing kitesurfing, it’s required to be at least moderately physically fit. It doesn’t take a lot of strength, but it requires core power, balance and coordination. You’ll be combining multiple sporting skills and are working with forces of nature like the water and the wind. Your body should be ready for all these to fully enjoy the sport and to avoid harming others on the beach as well.

3)   Choose the right kite


Choosing the right gear is necessary in kitesurfing. If you’re just starting, it’s better to try it out several times before deciding on investing in purchasing your own gear. It’s better to consult professionals in order to find the kind of kite that’ll suit you best.

According to MACkite Boarding, for beginners, it’s suggested that your kite should be:

· “Sized for winds under 20 knots based on your weight”

· “Lots of depower in the bar throw”

· “At least 98% depower from the safety system. Most brands now have 100%”

· “Easy relaunch”

· “Stable flying- moves intentionally, not too responsive”

· “Move upwind easily”

These are just simple reminders for your first, if not next, kiteboarding session. Enjoy the water and the wind. Have a safe and fun ride!