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Boracay Food Hunt


Boracay Food Hunt

boracay foods

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There’s more to Boracay than meets the eye. Amidst its seemingly endless stretch of immaculate white sand beaches and bustling scenes lie a food adventure that even the most discerning foodie would take on as a challenge.

Boracay is home to the famous calamasi muffins and dampa—a marketplace of fresh seafood cooked any way you like. Aside from these delicacies, let’s hunt down other cuisines in the island that will surely whet every visitor’s appetite.

Boracay Street Food

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Let’s kickstart this list with Boracay’s very own street foods. Here is where every bite gives you a true taste of the island’s culture. By the late afternoon, the white shore is filled with street food vendors with their “food trucks” selling corn-on-the-cob, balut, different kinds of barbeques, and the famous chori (from chorizo) and longga (from longanisa, the local version of sausage) burgers.

Take a bite of grilled chorizo meat placed on a bun and slathered with sweet and spicy sauce — no veggies or cheese. It’s a great introduction to your food adventure on the island!

Fruit Shakes

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A trip to Boracay won’t be complete without a sampling of its famous fruit shakes. Jonah’s Fruitshake is the most popular among the bunch. A tall order of in-season fruits is enough to quench your thirst after your tanning session on the beach.

The place is also a favorite hangout for local and foreign tourists so do be patient while waiting for your turn to order.


7th note cafe

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If you’re craving for sumptuous steaks in the island, head over to the eastern side (Bulabog Beach area) and you’ll find 7th Note Cafe, a quaint restaurant that offers the best ones in the island. The steak though, is just the tip of the iceberg, as they also offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes (the only one in the island) for health-conscious visitors.

Home-cooked Filipino Food

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If you’re not too adventurous when it comes to food and you just want to stick to what your palette knows, there are a number of Filipino restaurants in the island. If you want good old home-cooked meals, head over to PauPatri in Station 2. Big servings and rustic ambiance make this wood-polished restaurant great for families or groups.

Don’t expect beachfront view at PauPatri though, as it is located away from the main road and the shore. The calm ambience, however, more than makes up for it.

Cook your Own Food

Going to Boracay’s wet market is an adventure itself. Talipapa Bukid is in Station 3. Choose from the cheapest and freshest produce in the market, bring it to your hotel, and cook it yourself. Boracay Mini Mart is just a few meters away from Talipapa Bukid, so if there’s an ingredient on your list that you can’t find in the wet market, check this place out.

This list is just a glimpse of the food adventure that awaits you at Boracay. Whatever you’re craving is, you can definitely find it here. Come to the island and experience it yourself!

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The Science of Summer: Why Boracay Beaches are so White


The Science of Summer: Why Boracay Beaches are so White

Every last week of the month of March, Boracay celebrates the Sand Lantern Festival—which is all about the creation of various sand lanterns. Of course, the event would not be possible without highlighting Boracay’s very own white sand.

Now, have you ever wondered why Boracay sand is so white? What makes it so fine and powdery?

Well, sand is made up of a lot of particles that contribute to making it look the way it does. As for the beaches of Boracay, the following are responsible for its sand’s pristine white appearance:


Forams are derived from the term foraminifera, single-celled organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. They are mostly found in the ocean, and since the Philippines lies in the Pacific Ocean, and is surrounded by water, there’s definitely a lot of forams in the country’s beaches. These forams emerge into the ocean’s surface, and when you look at sand under a microscope, you’ll see amazing shapes such as hearts or stars that will really leave you in awe.

Forams are also made from calcium carbonate, and when calcium carbonate is embedded on the sea bed and pounded by waves, they become fine, powdery grains of white—thus, the sand’s color.


Corals are essential in the formation of sand. One single coral contains polyps, which are tiny marine animals. These polyps give the corals their color. However, when the polyps die, they become white, and when a lot of them are washed to the shore, the sand adopts their white color.

Coral skeletons—even those that are over thousands of years of age—are also washed ashore, and merge with the sand. Therefore, you can say that corals really play a big part in making the sand of Boracay what it is today.


In the tropics where Boracay is located, a lot of Halimeda, or seaweed skeletons exist. These skeletons look like coins because of their round and flat segments. You can typically find these in sandy bottoms, and coral reefs. Just like forams, they’re also made of calcium carbonate, and when these are swept ashore, they form tiny white specks of sand. This is why Halimeda is considered as among the building blocks of Boracay sand.


Finally, you can also thank parrotfish—those cute, colorful fish that live in the beaches of Boracay.

Parrotfish have these special bones in their bodies that allow them to chew coral—and not just that, their teeth also allow them to pulverize coral into fine sand. The corals are pulverized once they’re in the fish’s bodies, and once excreted, they make their way to the shore. Parrotfish could actually produce a ton of these pulverized corals each year—which is why they’re really a big part of the ecological system.

The Magical Sand

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Now that you know what makes the sand of Boracay so white and beautiful, you could appreciate it even more. And the next time you visit Boracay, you can impress your family and friends with what you know.