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Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked how 7Stones has been approved to open for business on October 26th despite having the 25 + 5 easement issue which affects many beach front properties on Bulabog beach. 7Stones is not a traditional hotel or a single ‘for profit’ business.  Each apartment is an individual residence with a separate tax declaration held in the name of the unit’s owner.   Each apartment in the building is individually owned. Each apartment is a building on the tax declaration.  7Stones itself does not own any apartments in the building.  7Stones is a brand and a Homeowner’s Association.

 The DENR have advised us that a portion of the two front units are in violation of the 25+5 easement, while the remaining units are in compliance.

 BPHMI is a property management company which has contracted with some (but not all) of the 28 compliant units to lease them for rental income.  BPHMI markets these units under the trademarked brand name “7Stones”.  These individually owned units are not in the 25 + 5 easement, and possess all necessary permits and certificates.  They are fully compliant.

BPHMI has no ownership of the two beachfront units.  BPHMI has no ownership of any units in 7Stones. Only the two individual owners of the beachfront units can bring them into compliance. 

The DENR 25 + 5 easement certification was granted to “7Stones as managed by BPHMI”, with the understanding that BPMHI has no contractual relationship with the two individually owned beachfront units.  In granting a 25 + 5 certificate to the 28 compliant units the Philippines authorities have acknowledged the individual ownership of the beach front units in the 7Stones building.

We hope this explanation helps your understanding of why some of the compliant units at 7Stones have been granted permission to receive tourists on October 26th, 2018.