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The Top 5 Things you Must Absolutely Have in your Boracay Hotel


The Top 5 Things you Must Absolutely Have in your Boracay Hotel

There is so much thought that goes into choosing a place to stay when in Boracay. There are just so many choices in this little beach island that you might find yourself a bit too overwhelmed with them all. But to narrow it down, all you need to do is find a place where your needs are going to be met, a nice cozy space where you can throw down your boots at the end of a long day of adventuring. But where are you going to get all of that? Well, let’s see…

1. Privacy


Choosing a place in Bulabog Beach gives you a bit more space to yourself. 7Stones Boracay, nestled cozily in Bulabog Beach, boasts of quieter accommodations compared to most places in White Beach, the other side of the island. And because it’s a lot more remote, you won’t see much loud revelers in the area, and you’ll find yourself basking in the sun on a beach that’s as close to private as you can get on the island.

2. Good Service

good service

7Stones Boracay is no mere hotel – it’s a residence, filled with happy staff that are willing to serve your needs, no matter the time of the day. There’s a 24/7 concierge that caters to its every guests’ needs, a wonderful housekeeping staff that keeps your rooms spic n’ span, and a 24/7 security to maintain safety. No request is too big or too small, and you’ll be sure you’ll always be served with a smile! In 7Stones Boracay, you’re not getting just plain, emotionless service!

3. Spacious Suites

awesome hotel

We call ourselves 7Stones Boracay because we don’t just put you in rooms. Our suites, from the Junior Suites to the Premier Ocean Suite, are all roomier than the competition and are fully-equipped to give you the best experience possible. Aside from the usual amenities like a sturdy safe and keycard doors, every room contains a big-screen TV so you can catch up on your news, a high-speed WiFi connection so you don’t miss out on your Instagram posts, and comfy beds and fluffy pillows, besides.

For our Suites, you get your own balcony, a huge living space for the whole squad, and even a private Jacuzzi to soothe those tired muscles after a day out in the sun. If you feel like trying your hand in cooking the local cuisine, no problem; we have a fully-stocked kitchen in our suites, so just whip out the knives and get cooking. These accommodations aren’t just spacious – they’re above and beyond anything else in the island.

4. Substantial Amenities

swimming pool
A good hotel won’t be just a place to sleep in, it should be an experience in itself. 7Stones Boracay is proud of the many amenities it offers to its guests, giving them enough reason to visit Boracay just for us. Fancy a day out? Ask our staff about the great watersports we can offer. You can also choose to get a massage from our masterful masseuse, and lose yourself in the oblivion of comfort. Substantial? That’s an understatement for 7Stones Boracay.

5. Al Fresco Dining

Dining at 7Stones Boracay

While there are myriad dining options in the island, you know you deserve the best. 7Stones Boracay is also home to 7th Note Café, Boracay Island’s best restaurant. With a 5-star rating in TripAdvisor and various other review sites, you know you’ll be in for a true gourmet experience in this al fresco-style restaurant.

Pick a bottle from our extensive selection of French and Italian wines to pair with the best dishes handpicked to give you the best tastes from every corner of the world. Pick from our wide selection of pizzas, nachos, fresh salads, soups, and delectable entrees to fill your hungry tummy up. Indulge in the best cuts of meat done right in our famous Steak Nights, where for less than $25, you can enjoy a steak dinner made by some of the best chefs on the island. Oh, and the best thing? Our menu includes gluten-free food.

We’re not exaggerating. 7Stones Boracay is your best bet when choosing a good hotel in the island. It’s the biggest bang for your buck, and the place is enough reason for you to go to Boracay! We’re waiting to have you as our guest, so book now and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with us.

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Fantastic Philippine Destination for the Rainy Season


Fantastic Philippine Destination for the Rainy Season

The rainy season in the Philippines brings with it a host of traveling problems, but it’s not without any perks. This season is usually when the off-peak season comes in, which means flights get cheaper, accommodations are more affordable, there are less people around, adding up to a more private, quiet time.

Even though it is primarily a tropical country, you’ll find out that there’s more to the Philippines than just sunny beaches. Read on to discover the perfect rainy season destinations in the country.

1. Cagayan de Oro

fantastic philippines

Down in Northern Mindanao is the quiet province of Misamis Oriental is Cagayan de Oro, home to some of the Philippines’ best local fruits such as suha, durian, lanzones, and mangosteen. During the rainy season, these produce are a lot more bountiful, so a kilo or two of mangosteen and lanzones can be yours for a lot cheaper! Oh, and they’re notoriously yummy, too. For a more cultural kick, celebrate the Higalaay Festival with the locals during late August!

If you’re looking for adventure, whitewater rafting and kayaking are great adrenaline-pumping activities in the area, made better by the rushing currents brought about by the monsoon. Cagayan de Oro is also host to a number of amazing nature trails and some of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls, such as the Maria Cristina Falls. Put on your hiking boots and get trekking!

2. Naga City

Over at Camarines Sur, Naga City offers off-peak travelers a host of fun activities and delectable dishes that are enjoyed just as well during the rainy season. Beat back the monsoon chill with a feast of fiery Bicolano cuisine, most of which is soaked in coconut milk and flavored with the burn-unit-worthy siling labuyo, which goes up to a hundred thousand Scoville units (meaning, it’s VERY HOT.)

Once you’re fed and watered, explore some of the province’s great activities, such as trekking around Mt. Isarog, awesome water adventures in the CamSur Watersports Complex, or just take a nice, relaxing dip in the hotsprings in the town of Panicuason.

3. Baguio City

It may be called the “Summer Capital of the Philippines,” but Baguio City is no slouch when it comes to the rainy season. During the monsoons, the city becomes hoodie weather heaven, giving a nice, quiet, serene vibe to the whole city. Watch the fog envelop the mountain as you sip on a steaming cup of hot tablea chocolate from your veranda, while wrapped in a cozy, hand-woven Baguio blanket.

Through constant development, a lot of food choices have popped up in Baguio City. Find the Bulalohan along Session Road for a taste of the famous beef soup, then hit up the Baguio Craft Brewery for some of the best home-brewed beer in the country. Finally, wind down with a nice cup of coffee in the many third-wave coffee shops dotting the city.

4. Boracay Beach

Boracay Beach

It’s undisputed – the best place to spend the rainy season is still in the best beach island in the country. Not many people would venture out to Boracay during the off-peak season, as it won’t have the usual hot sun beating down on it. But that’s okay, because things get a little more fun during the rainy season!

For starters, 7Stones Boracay is open for service no matter what season it is, and rates get more affordable during the rain months as well! Splurge on one of their great suites and make a home for yourself for the remainder of your stay. You won’t even have to leave the resort premises for fun, as Bulabog Beach usually hosts a ton of fun watersports during the rainy season, such as kitesurfing, parasailing, and windsurfing. For a taste of some of Boracay’s best eats, look no further than 7th Note Café, where dishes from all around the world converge into one cozy café that even the locals revere.

The rainy season shouldn’t spoil your trip to the Philippines; you just have to know where to look. Take advantage of the awesome offers of the off-peak season and book your flights and accommodations today!