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How New Year Is Celebrated Around the World


How New Year Is Celebrated Around the World

While everyone waits for the coming of a New Year, you can expect that New Year is celebrated in different ways all around the world!

Interested to know how some countries usher in the New Year? Read on and find out!


australia new year

Australia is among the first countries to celebrate the New Year – each year!
In the land down under, it’s important to pray in church and thank the Lord for the year that was, and the one that’s about to come. At the Sydney Harbor, more than 60,000 fireworks are lit to celebrate the coming year—and parties are held everywhere, too!

The United States

United States New Year

While there are various celebrations in different American states, one of the most awaited New Year’s Eve events in America is the Giant Ball Drop in Times Square, where a giant ball of lights is dropped to the ground as the clock strikes 12. It was originally hosted by Dick Clark, but in recent years, Ryan Seacrest has proven to be a worthy replacement.



Meanwhile, in Serbia, New Year’s is celebrated like Christmas. Kids believe that Santa Claus would visit the house and leave some presents under the Christmas tree, and the start of the New Year is not recognized until January 13!


Estonia christmas

Food is a big part of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Estonia. People eat an average of 7 to 12 meals that day. They believe that each meal they consume would help give them more strength that they can use for the coming year.
What’s interesting is that part of the meals is left unfinished. Why? Well, Estonians believe that they should leave some for their ancestors and spirits who might visit the house on New Year’s Eve!



If food plays a big role in Estonia, in Denmark, dishes—literal dishes like plates and mugs—do!
First, they eat a really huge cake that’s shaped like a steep cone decorated with flags and firecrackers. Then, they throw dishes as a symbol of letting go of what’s broken in their lives and moving forward to the future!


Japan christmas

If Serbians wait for Santa, the Japanese traditionally believe that Toshigami or the God of the New Year visits their homes, and they have to ring their bells 108 times. They also make sure that their houses are clean. They send cards of gratitude to family and friends, too.


Philippines christmas

And finally, in the Philippines, New Year is celebrated with a bang!
Aside from the fact that there are fireworks displays all around to let go of the negativity and welcome the coming year with positivity, food also plays a big role in the celebrations. Traditional food that are prepared include pancit, which signifies long life, malagkit or biko to signify tight family bonds, and lechon or roasted pig as a symbol of the prosperity that’s to come with the New Year!

This just proves that the world truly is a colorful and diverse place—especially during the New Year! How about you? Where are you celebrating New Year’s Eve this year?

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7Stones Boracay’ Appreciation Night 2015


7Stones Boracay Suites’ Appreciation Night 2015

7Stones Boracay Suites has plenty of reasons to be thankful for. So, on December 11, 2015, 7Stones Boracay Suites , managed by Prestige International, held the first ever appreciation night for its travel agency partners at the Pearl Garden Hotel in Malate, Manila.

Both online and land-based travel agencies attended the thanksgiving party. It was a night to recognize 7Stones Boracay Suites’ top travel agency partners for the year 2015. The top producing online TA partners are Agoda International Philippines Corporation, Booking.com Philippines Inc., and Expedia Lodging Partner Services. For land-based TA partners, Diamond Global Travel & Tours Inc., Boracay Faithfully Travel & Tours, and Hafti Tours Inc. were the top performers.

Raffle prizes were given away such as Christmas gift baskets and champagne bottles. Ms. Xandra Lu of Manila Kenshin Travel & Tours was the lucky winner of the grand prize – 3 Days and 2 Nights room accommodation in a Deluxe Suite with breakfast for 2.

The team behind 7Stones Boracay Suites’ Appreciation Night 2015 were present during the event. Ms. Aila Taduran, the Sales & Marketing Associate led the invocation while the Head of Sales & Marketing Ms. Shari Panganiban welcomed the partners. The Manager for Sales & Marketing, Ms. Maricel Sarmiento proposed a toast for a better 2016. Before the night was over, Resort Manager Mr. Mark Anthony Baldisimo, who flew all the way from Boracay, gave thanks to all the valued partners who came and celebrated the momentous event and for the support 7Stones has been receiving from them.

It was indeed a night to remember for 7Stones Boracay Suites because it was an opportunity to thank all the partners that continuously inspire them to become the best beach resort in Boracay.

Cheers to more fruitful years!


Ms. Pebbles Santos, Mr. Eleu Cojuangco, Mr. Jay Aranas of Expedia


Mr. Carl Palencia and Ms. Tetchie Solano of Booking.com


Ms. Xandra Lu of Manila Kenshin


Mr. Ron Carta, Ms. Yolly Torillo, Mr. Tony Tan, Ms. Grace Peñaredondo